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  1. Catdog

    Post podcasts you listen to

    I'll start! The F Plus: my fave podcast. I don't really have a lot to say about it, they just talk about weird internet stuff. Try a wikihow or recipe episode if you're curious. Don't listen if you don't like people dunking on furries. It can be kind of "mean" at times but all in good fun tbh...
  2. Catdog

    Portland Furry Events

    Curious about what furry events happen in Portland! I'll be moving to Salem soon and it's not too far from there. Is there an Oregon furs group/telegram? Feel free to include Washington state events as well.
  3. Catdog

    Forum Can we post fundraisers/which subforum

    I have a rather important fundraiser involving something I've mentioned here on the forums (a medical thing) and was wondering if a) can we post them and b) where at? I was going to post it in general but decided it'd be better to ask first. Thanks for reading. edit: Nvm I got...
  4. Catdog

    Furst World Problems

    So....my dad has the same fursona species as me. Guess who's changing their fursona again. WELP. Share any weird #firstworldproblems about being a furry here. Or just mock my unfortunate coincidence (my dad and I are NOT on speaking terms lol).
  5. Catdog

    What are you reading?

    Thread is about books/comics/manga you're currently reading! You can include your first impressions, reviews of recently read books, or anything else relevant to current reading! I just finished Dune by Frank Herbert (my first time reading science fiction! awesome, highly recommended) and I'm...
  6. Catdog

    Forum Forum idea: combining music subforums

    So there are 2 music and audio subforums, as some might have noticed. Here: forums.furaffinity.net: Music and Audio And here: forums.furaffinity.net: Music and Audio and because of this discrepancy, there's a lot of overlap in content posted, including three separate "what are you listening...
  7. Catdog

    Why Was Your Day Good?

    Kind of a counterbalance to the vent thread, what happened today (or recently!) that was good? For me, I got a job I thought I interviewed terribly at! So that's pretty rad. :3
  8. Catdog

    Genderfluid/NB Furry Question:

    Feel free to answer if you're not in those categories, but this is mainly aimed at them. Other genderfluid furries: do you have one main sona with a consistent gender, or can your sona shift around in gender identity? Or! Do you have multiple sonas for representing different gender identities...
  9. Catdog


    Hi there, I am Pavo. I'm a furry living in Georgia (US, not the country of Georgia). I have been a furry for about 10 years. Basically been one ever since I saw The Lion King, I re-watched that so much as a kid that the VHS tape broke. I'm also into late 90s/early 00s cartoons, sci fi, fantasy...