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  1. ben909

    Cream in coffee or tea

    How much cream do you put in coffee or tea, i apear to offend some pvp goers with the amount i use
  2. ben909

    Forum ship analogies

    This is goingn on in the suggestion thread and likely still be there, but lets move the comparison to ships and combat here were they can possibly move into something interesting ... or if it degrades into a pointless fight the mods can stop it without as many issues ————- Edit i think this may...
  3. ben909

    Privacy policy still says IMVU's Fur Affinity

    it was not yet updated, i doubt it means anything, but you might want to fix it
  4. ben909

    Coin flip

    When there will be a coin flip you are asked this
  5. ben909

    I am a dial on a wall

    it made me put something here
  6. ben909

    Wrapping paper

    Something that got brought up in my family this year and debated, wondering what people here think
  7. ben909


    (Cult of the Party Parrot)
  8. ben909

    tails, fluffy vs streamlined. a battle

    this was talked about in the predsvsprey thread yesterday, but now we will have a 4 sided offshoot based on tails, shattering old alliances and creating new ones this is done on an xy plane, the x axis is for people with no tails vs people with tails, although only people with more then one...
  9. ben909

    things not to teach a parrot or parrotlet to say

    what are phrases that you think shouldn't be thought to parrots ... and before we run into trouble remember we can't post hate speach(we can but its not allowed so don't), so no teaching the bird racial comments it won't understand mine to start would be teaching it to say "iam gonna get...
  10. ben909

    how old is to old to post

    at what point should commenting on an old thread be avoided, the old intro guide said 1 month, but in the time i have been here people do that all the time without issue, but there have been issues with older ones also, if you really want to post about a topic on an old thread, is it better to...
  11. ben909

    king of the thread attempt

    (note its not really a king, its more like the game king of the hill) so this was an idea i had about what could become a game, its kind of infulenced by me misreading Would you beat the Avatar above you in a fight? as (try to) beat the Avatar above you in a fight? and also by the "last...
  12. ben909

    The test will begin in 30 seconds, line up at the start

    No idea if this will work Ment to be the, not sure why a rouge y got on the title but i have all ready lost points
  13. ben909

    abandoned DA for most part

    so, i just decided i am going away from DA unless they fix things(and probably will get banned because i left a journal telling the DA staff that i hope they lose a family member to the virus) so aside from not getting that angry, how do things then to go here as a main site, i have been on...