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  1. BayoDino

    Free Art: Free Art raffle! [open]

    www.furaffinity.net: Free Art Raffle! by BayoDino ~~~~~~~~*Welcome!*~~~~~~~~ How to join my art raffle: 1. Watch me (on FA) 2. Favorite this submission 3. Write a comment below with a link to your OC, i'll give you an #ID 4. Do not post multiple times our you'll be denied. 5. Raffle with end at...
  2. BayoDino

    Free Art: Looking to take requests (open)

    So I've been in Furaffinity for while, and My gallery hasn't much good arts yet. So I want to make some chibis/busts to add to my FA gallery :) Rules 1. I won't do Any flavor of NSFW (sfw only) 2. Up to 2 Characters per user only! 3. I'll draw one by one, if I don't draw after a time, it...
  3. BayoDino

    Difference between you and your fursona!

    Of course the biggest difference between you and your fursona is that you are human but he/she is animal, After that are there any difference between you and your fursona? for example Personality, Appearance etc. mine is completely different except the personally ;)
  4. BayoDino

    Main Site NSFW Access for Under 18 users?

    Hi. I was Checking Account settings page and i noticed this (I'm under 18): I'm confused. Shouldn't these be disabled for users under 18? Why are these available to these user which isn't allowed? thanks :) Edit: I forgot that my age is visible.
  5. BayoDino

    Want to do some free arts (Open)

    I'd like to do some arts of anthros and ferals as my commission examples But i'm bad at imagining new furry patterns and etc to dtaw them. Due this, I do some free arts till i prepare my Commission ;) Feel free to post here your furry/anthro base to draw it for you! (bust/fullbody) my FA...
  6. BayoDino

    [PayPal] Chibis for 5 USD! [open]

    Chibi arts for 5 USD each! I won't Draw NSFW and gore things. You can also send payments after i did the Art ;) Please request me to draw one by sending DM to bayodino#7720 , My paypal account is BayoDino. Done arts: