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  1. trivean

    Ohio Furs?

    I'm a furry from Ohio. Looking for friends around the state that I could meet up with.
  2. trivean

    Issue with timing out

    So I've been trying to log into the main FA page since last night (about 10:00 pm EST) and I keep getting this issue. I have tried to restart my computer and have reset my router already but I keep getting this error. Anyone know how to help fix it? I can access the forums though, obviously. I...
  3. trivean

    Xcom 2 Furry Mod?

    So I've been playing Xcom 2 for a long while. Modding it as well. I know it's an old game but still one of the best I've played. And with all the solider customization I have to ask: Are there any furry mods for it? I haven't seen any on Nexus and Steam. I would make one myself but I'm not the...
  4. trivean

    Hey, I' m new here.

    So I've been on Furry Amino for a while and now am coming onto FA. Just wanted to say hi, I'm new, and um... yeah. I'm kinda weird. Feel free to say.