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  1. Stadt


    Just found the trailer for this and I'm pretty hyped for it. It comes out in December on Apple TV+.
  2. Stadt

    Antlers (2020 Horror Film)

    Saw the trailer today and I'm super hyped. I'm reading the short story it was based off of now. And the story it was based on: www.guernicamag.com: The Quiet Boy I don't get to see my fursona in a lot of things, so this is really exciting for me.
  3. Stadt


    Seriously read all of it this weekend. Haven't watched the anime yet though. Anyone else read it?
  4. Stadt

    When your friends hate furries

    But they're all fanboying over their OCs in Sonic Forces.
  5. Stadt

    New Here

    Finally decided to get involved in the fandom, after years of being a furry. I love spooky stuff, cartoons, and food. Hoping that this will be what I need to get back into drawing, something that used to be a passion of mine.