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  1. Trndsttr

    Happy 4th of July!

    We launched some fireworks and it was a lot of fun but even though I love fireworks I hate loud noises and they give me a lot of anxiety so I started dissociating at some point at that wasn’t fun and I still feel like it’ll happen again but overall it was fun just a downside
  2. Trndsttr

    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    As a pretty young person myself, I can say that some furry content seems very innocent and something a lot of kids enjoy. I just also know that there is some not so great content everywhere so I tend to not search for anything fury related in the internet except for like how to draw a certain...
  3. Trndsttr

    How angry are you?

    I get angry for a short amount of time, but then it fades and I just feel really sad and want to curl up in a ball and cry and give up because I don’t know what else to do. Idk I just get very sad most of the time
  4. Trndsttr

    Vent Thread

    I have a group of online friends. And I love them, I really do but... I don’t know. Everytime I bring up that they’re making me really sad by insulting me they laugh at and make fun of me, and whenever I try to bring up a serious conversation they make fun of me and get upset at anyone who...
  5. Trndsttr

    Rat Appreciation Thread

    Yuki Sohma
  6. Trndsttr

    Open Chat

    I’m waiting for second season of Fruits Basket and I’m going to cry if I have to wait until December because I need the beach episode I’ve seen so many clips of
  7. Trndsttr

    My favorite YouTube channel

    Мирби has always been a favorite. He makes story time animation like theodd1sout and Jaiden animation... but it’s all in Russian. I do not speak any Russian however his caption author is great and I can still enjoy the video just as much if not more. I’d say my other favorites are Danny...
  8. Trndsttr

    Word association

    Myrmidons (sorry but seeing army then ant made them come to mind I had to google it lmao it’s a Greek army that went from ants to humans)
  9. Trndsttr

    Learning a New Language, Feeling Overwhelmed; Any Advice?

    No this was really helpful! I’ve been trying to improve little by little, and have also found a few good channels on YouTube, but it’s always good to hear from someone who is a real person not just reading off of a script. Thanks!
  10. Trndsttr

    Learning a New Language, Feeling Overwhelmed; Any Advice?

    I’ve been wanting to learn Korean for a while, as I think it’s a beautiful language South Korea is a place I’d really love to go. It’s certainly not easy, and I still know like three words after almost three months, but that’s only because I get distracted and forget about lessons easily. This...
  11. Trndsttr

    give the fur above you a pet!

    I shall gift you a small bird. It sits on your shoulder!
  12. Trndsttr

    What was the last thing you ate?

    My fursona is also an otter wait-
  13. Trndsttr

    What was the last thing you ate?

    I had a red otter pop
  14. Trndsttr

    Any poly furs?

    I think I’m poly. I’ve always been okay with the idea of an open relationship, and dating multiple people, and even wished I could have it. I’m currently in a relationship with a non-poly person, so it’s just me and her and that’s okay with me too. Idk if that’s poly or what but I think it is
  15. Trndsttr

    Qs for your fursona/oc

    I’m answering as Jack, one of my main three. 1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Annoying sounds (misophonia) 2. What sort of dietary restrictions do you have (if any)? I’m not too strict, but try to stay healthy. 3. How do people react when they first meet you? They usually just give me a...
  16. Trndsttr

    tell me about your sona..

    I have three characters I use (I’m Genderfluid and prefer having different characters of different genders for when I’m switching. However, they interact as seperate characters and are good friends) The first is Jade. A cat. She goes by Diva, as she is a popular musical artist and uses Diva as...
  17. Trndsttr

    What is your eye colour?

    I’d say this is pretty close, I can’t speak for the yellow as I can’t get a good look at my own eye. I will say that the color has shifted a bit since I was a baby, they used to be more blue but over the years have turned more greyish so it may just be a dark blue
  18. Trndsttr

    What is your eye colour?

    I’m not 100% sure what color my eyes are exactly, but I always just say grey-blue because I’m not sure if theyre entirely Grey or blue. I looked up grey eyes and found something very similar to my eye color, so I said grey on the poll.
  19. Trndsttr

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    I know it’s old but it got recommended to me again and still makes me laugh
  20. Trndsttr

    Bad colors for a character?

    I changed the brown to be a more orange and made it basically a darker version of the orange patterns on her face, and have the orange stripes now on her arms, legs and tail. (With green hands and feet) and I’m working on drawing a fully body picture of her