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  1. Trndsttr

    Bad colors for a character?

    I recently made a new character (she doesn’t have a name yet, rn I’m calling her arabella) and I don’t have any art of her other than a quick scribble I made as an idea. She’s brown with orange stripes down her arms, legs and tail, and orange stripes under her eyes with green hair. Idk if green...
  2. Trndsttr

    Want to start trying to make music but I know nothing

    So my fursona makes music in the universe my characters live in. I’ve been thinking about trying to make some songs because I think it would be fun. But I don’t know anything. I’m still in high school so I haven’t really had a chance to learn anything to start myself going. So I was wondering if...
  3. Trndsttr

    Is it normal for furry characters to have human hair?

    So don’t see many characters, but some of the ones I do see have human hair. So I’m wondering if it’s normal to have hair like that, or is that more of a unusual thing? I’ve tried adding hair to some of my newer characters and they do look cute but I’m just wondering how often it is that people...
  4. Trndsttr

    Kinda want some tips on how to improve

    So the picture I’m going to post isn’t furry art but most furries I know are incredibly amazing artists and could at least give a few pointers, even if it’s not perfect since I’m working on drawing humans right now. I just was proud of this and wanted to know what I could do better next time I...
  5. Trndsttr

    Free art

    I really need to practice on species other than the very few I have been drawing forever, and I just need practice drawing in general but don't know what to draw. So basically just send me pics of your fursona or really any furry oc and i can draw it and post it here. i cant promise it will be...
  6. Trndsttr

    Show I get Rainbow 6?

    Ive been co soldering getting but I don’t know much about it so I was wondering if anyone who played it could give me some feedback that’s all
  7. Trndsttr

    Hesitant to put wings on my fursona

    So I’ve been thinking about putting wings on my fursona, pretty much ever since I entered the fandom. I say hesitant because I’m not sure how wings on animals that don’t have wings sit with everyone else. I’ve wanted to because ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be able to fly. I always...
  8. Trndsttr

    I need help from anyone who has/ knows about making an insect sona

    So recently I’ve taken a liking to bees and butterflies, and I kind of wanted to make a mini sona of each. (By mini sona I mean a character design I use but I don’t actually use it as a sona, just more of a character that I would draw. Also, they would probably be pretty small.) So question for...
  9. Trndsttr

    Adding references or ‘Easter eggs’ to my fursona.

    So I’ve played a lot of video games in my life, as gamers do. And in doing so I’ve loved many characters. In recent months I’ve been looking back at those and adding small details to my to fursona to reference the games I’ve played or shows I’ve watched. Like I said, small details- green eyes...
  10. Trndsttr

    Dead trends

    So I’m a person who always gets into trends late. As in, two years after the Doki Doki trend on YouTube, I’m just getting into the game. (As I write this, I’m listening to Doki music...) I also like a lot of YouTubers who are considered childish for my age that I love. I always deal with shit...
  11. Trndsttr

    My fursona with no set personality

    So basically my fursona has no set personality. Everyone I know with a fursona has personality traits for them like “my sona is happy and cheerful” “my sona is protective and loyal” “my sona is defensive and secretive” etc. Bastet just doesn’t have a set ting like that. Some days she’s happy and...
  12. Trndsttr

    Anyone going to MFM?

    I already posted this in the community discussion tab, so some people may have seen it, but I think it fits better and idk how to delete posts. Sorry about that. I’m currently planning to head out to Olivebranch with a friend to the 2019 MFM (Memphit Furmeet) this Labor Day Weekend. Is anyone...
  13. Trndsttr

    Anyone going to MFM?

    I’m currently planning to head out to Olivebranch with a friend to the 2019 MFM (Memphit Furmeet) this Labor Day Weekend. Is anyone else going to be there? Would be nice to know some people, even from online, that are going so it’s not just my friend and a bunch of strangers. And of course, I’m...
  14. Trndsttr

    What song represents your fursona?

    I’d like to know only because it’s pretty interesting to see what kinds of music reflect one of your fursonas. For me, my sona Vanaheimr (I have three sonas, Valkyrie, vahalla, And Vanaheimr, all names after Norse stuff) is represented best by the song Control by Halsey. It’s probably just some...
  15. Trndsttr

    I’ve almost ruined my art style

    Okay. I like drawing. I never post my art or show it off, since I’m very very self conscious and hate my art to be completely honest. Recently I’ve been trying to draw one of my new personas, a sona called Mei, but I can’t seem to get human proportions right. I was never good at drawing humans...
  16. Trndsttr


    One thing before I start talking, if there are any Endgame spoilers in the replies of this thread I AM GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU. Okay. Now I know Endgame spoilers have been banned by the community in lots of places, but I need to speak my mind about this. Don’t spoil Endgame! Please! It’s an...
  17. Trndsttr

    One last time.

    Okay. I know everyone must be getting sick of this, of me jumping around fursonas and switching every time I say I found something. But something odd happened, actually. So usually when I make a new ‘fursona’ design I always leave it there for a bit to see if it actually works for me. And...
  18. Trndsttr

    Okay so basically

    Okay so basically I’m working on another sona. I have Calavera and stuff but I do want to have another sona. I’m thinking of her having autism, and/or being mute. The process of making her is going pretty slow, as I want to make sure she’s perfect before she’s done. (Yeah, I’m kind of turning...
  19. Trndsttr

    You know me...

    indecisive as hell, so I wanted some opinions on this. Fursona name: Skycoder or Calavera?
  20. Trndsttr

    Write your fursona’s story!

    I’m very interested in other people’s backstory for their fursona, so feel free to post a summarised or full version of their story here. I just enjoy reading stuff like that.