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  1. Melnew

    Write a short scp file for the person above you~

    So just drop a sfw ref and the person below will twist your character and write a short scp file based on them that person will then leave a ref/description for the next person. I'll start out by doing a file for the first person who comments.
  2. Melnew

    Free Art: Free synth adopts (closed)

    I've made a synth base and I'd like to try editing and stuff so just give me a few details and I'll edit and redraw some stuff to give you an adopt from the edited base. The head is slightly different from a normal synth. 3 colors A random number and an emoticon of your choice. Species by...
  3. Melnew

    Free Art: I'll turn your OC Into a demon/monster.

    I'll draw your OC as if they were a demon/monster type character I'll need an image reference and a short description of there personality. Lastly I'll need a number a color and a word with five letters or less none of your answers should match up with any other persons answers. I'll decide if...
  4. Melnew

    Free Art: I'll turn your oc into a minecraft skin (Still open)

    I haven't played Minecraft in years but I've been getting back into it lately and i felt like drawing some skins anyone want one?
  5. Melnew

    Closed for now

    I've run out of ideas on what to draw so if you want something drawn just ask
  6. Melnew


    I'm done drawing for right now sorry i did not draw everyone