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  1. Balwur

    Hiring: ($100+) Postapo/military theme artwork.

    Hello. Im looking for someone who would be able to draw 2 characters - protogen and wolf - in probably military or postapo theme. What i look for is experience in drawing such species and military equipment and also high quality/details. It may be request ora comission within price range...
  2. Balwur

    Norwegian Furries

    Hello, Are there any Furries in Norway? I will be in Oslo and around for a week, 13.08-18.08. So it would be nice to get to know people and spend time with.
  3. Balwur

    Hiring: Full body design & ref sheet

    Hello there! I am looking for someone, that could help me with a design and make a ref sheet for my fursona. Preferred style is semi-realistic/realistic, but some of semi-cartoons are also ok for me. I got some descriptions and details. Also I got few pictures, that have common things with my...