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  1. Cloaca-Mahoney

    Cloaca's 2021 Still Cute as Heck Commish Thread - $5 and up! (●'◡'●)

    This thread is a WIP, although it's mostly finished! Please feel free to still message about comms, just know I don't have all my options on here just yet. Hiya everyone! You can call me Mai, or Oliver. This is my new commish thread as it really needed an overall due to how my art has changed...
  2. Cloaca-Mahoney

    (Commission) Selling: ✧ᏊºꈊºᏊ Cloaca's New Perma Thread - Cute Shit For All! ($5 and Up)( NEW TRADTIONAL OFFER, COMICS 11/23)

    Hello all! You can call me Mai, I'm a freelance artist who focuses primarily on feral and anthro art, but I really like to draw just about anything, as well as do plenty of crafts! RULES and things to note (pls read before messaging!) Edit 03/21 - Due to issues surrounding what's going on atm...
  3. Cloaca-Mahoney

    (Commission) Selling: ✧ Cloaca's Permashop - Cutesie Art (and crafts)from $5-$25 for All! (07/24 update, new examples✧

    September 7th Update: another batch of new examples! July 24th update: now offering crafts! Pls look at bottom of post for details Hiya, you can call me Mai or Cloaca! Welcome to my permashop, open all year around and always ready to accept art. Examples and prices (all in CAD): Headshots -...
  4. Cloaca-Mahoney

    Hallo everybody!!

    Hi there! (ノ・ェ・)ノ I'm Mai, I'm new to the forums and the main FA site as well. I love doing anything crafty - drawing, paper art, sculpting, sewing, the works. I also enjoy video games and freaking my shit when I see an animal. Nice to meet you all!