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    Gardevoir x Kirlia (18+)

    Hey guys and gals. I know this isn't super furry related, but I'm looking for someone to do something with a female Gardevoir and female Kirlia. I'm fine with either role. Give me a DM if your interested and we can go over some details.
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    Eeveelution attraction (FxF attract RP) (NSFW)

    Hi guys and gals. I'm looking for a FxF RP between two feral (not anthro) eeveeolutions. For the story it can be anything (as long as it's not to dark) where the eeveeolution you control uses attract on the eeveeolution I control, causing her to fall madly in love with her. If you interested...
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    Looking for a cute eevee/eeveeolution for some cute stuff~ (Pokemon NSFW)

    Hey guys, i'm looking for eevee/eeveeolution to RP with. Female on female only please. Also no traps either. I am fine with most minor links, however, nothing more extreme like toilet related or gore related. For my kinks, I like gentle hypno/attract and mild bondage. Other then that i am...