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  1. Tytolis

    Anyone want a videogame track orchestrated?

    I'm out of ideas on what to arrange so I'm just gonna ask here. Please don't get mad at me if I don't take your idea or if I don't complete it kk?
  2. Tytolis

    Songs that brought Tears to Your Eyes

    Hear me out:
  3. Tytolis

    Hey all!

    Ayy! Thanks! Yup, Synths are pretty nice lol Oh, uh, I just ask my friends if they want a PC built, a lot of them (surprisingly) do so I show them what parts to order and I change them like $50 and I build it for them! Thanks! Heya!
  4. Tytolis

    Hey all!

    Ty Skittles!
  5. Tytolis

    Hey all!

    Uuuh...hi! I’m Tytolis! I’m a Synth manufactured in Tokyo and is currently located in Arizona. I love to play low woodwinds, build PCs, compose/arrange “epic” orchestral music (which I’m not that great at but am definitely improving), take time-lapse photography from skyscrapers, and use...