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  1. elle2

    (Commission) Selling: Character illustrations, ref sheets, designs etc! Starting at £50!

    For more examples please refer to: Twitter gallery Instagram gallery My commissions website! Please refer to it, and if you're interested fill out a form! I am open and raring to go! I have a pretty fast turnaround, and I won't post your commission without your permission! How it...
  2. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    I wanted to have a place to post my work, talk about my processes and just generally thinking about art and my work!! I'll try to update this thread about once a week. More about me: I'm currently in my third year of 2d animation school (focusing on pre production), and I love learning about...
  3. elle2

    Fresh n' new baby!!

    Hiya!! I'm super new to the forums.. as in.. um.. 20 minutes new. My name is elle :3 and i'm a 2d artist! I want to get better at sharing my work (wiping my sweaty forehead) I'm pretty into using the default brushes on procreate LOL, I love the tamar brush lately (I did these two with it)! I...