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  1. Liberonscien

    Inflammatory Thread Simulator

    Simulate a thread that goes downhill. For example: Person A: "[Assertion]" Person B: "[Correction]" Person C: "[Accusation of flawed logic from Person B]" And so on. Don't actually post insulting stuff, just describe it.
  2. Liberonscien

    Pure Nomic Cult

    All cultists must agree to changes to the state of the cult.
  3. Liberonscien

    Is a hotdog a sandwich?

    The question appears simple. However with many seemingly simple topics this question is deceptively complex if one gives the matter some thought. For what does it mean to be a sandwich? Who defines what a sandwich is? Do we invoke the authorities in this matter? If so then which ones? If we do...
  4. Liberonscien

    Let us make a Family Tree

    The goal of this game is to make a family tree. 1. Any two players may "@Player" someone of their choice and ask to "adopt" them. If they accept then that person now has parents. 1a. Likes count as acceptance. 2. Any person may also request parents. 3. Anyone can request any kind of familial...
  5. Liberonscien

    What are your favorite kinds of maw? Why?

    (Maw means mouth.) Based on the posterior thread. Which maw types do you find to be the most pleasant? Why? Feel free to post images. (I use the general term "pleasant" so that you can use whatever metric you like whether that is cute, attractive, adorable, sexually attractive, whatever.)
  6. Liberonscien


    Rules: 1. Each post must contain either a new rule, an accusation of a rule violation, or a discussion of a rule violation. 2. No rule that renders the game unplayable is permitted. Any rule that is found to violate this rule is to be removed immediately. 3. All rules must be numbered. 4. Once a...
  7. Liberonscien

    Forum How to disable email alerts?

    I keep getting email alerts from threads I have responded to, been quoted in, or otherwise and I do not want that. What do I do to make it stop?
  8. Liberonscien

    Pure Nomic

    1. All players must agree to changes to the game. 2. Any player may add any one rule that does not get in the way of the game too much, as determined by the gestalt collective of the players, may be added instantly once per hour. Any rule or collection of rules that are judged to make the game...
  9. Liberonscien

    Whoops, wrong thread

    Premise: You have been playing forum games a lot lately and sometimes forget which game you are playing. Therefore you sometimes make the wrong moves. Oh well. Player one: SHARK Player two: Shark? That means plus one! Player three: Granted but unfortunately it is negative one. Just make...
  10. Liberonscien

    When did I say that?

    Premise: You are a person with memory problems. You assume the poster above you is you. You obviously don't remember posting the thing above you so try to figure out what is going on. You can't remember anything past the person above you so try to figure out how to remember what is going on...
  11. Liberonscien

    Imperial Nomic

    1. The Game of Imperial Nomic shall always include at least two not necessarily distinct players who are office-holders: The Imperial Emperor / Empress (IE), whos job it is to rule on all proposals. The Humble Scribe (HS), whos job it is to record all proposals, rules, etc. The initial holder of...
  12. Liberonscien

    No English Text

    Have a conversation without using English words. You can use fake words, memes, emoticons, and other languages but you have to express complete thoughts. (If you think you can get away with just posting nonsense then go ahead but if people call you out then explain what you said. Of course, they...
  13. Liberonscien

    Write a story together

    Copy and paste the story above and add/change some stuff. Rules: 1. You can change a tenth of the words. 2. You can add a sentence of whatever length you want wherever. 3. You can fix any spelling, grammar, and punctuation you want. 4. Just keep the story somewhat coherent. 5. If two people...
  14. Liberonscien

    What are your favorite kinds of posterior? Why?

    (Posterior means rear end or butt.) Inspired by the tail thread. Which posterior types do you find to be the most pleasant? Why? Feel free to post Safe For Fur Affinity Forums images as "proof" or links to NSFW images (as long as you remember the proper way to do it). See this page...
  15. Liberonscien

    What species are the most commonly used in the community? Least used?

    Which species are used most often? And which species are used least often?
  16. Liberonscien

    What is the best thing you have ever eaten or drank?

    Personally I love a good thick juicy slab of meat covered in its salty fluids. Edit: Steak.
  17. Liberonscien

    What are some of the most realistic furry media that you have seen before?

    Furry media is not known for being the most realistic thing sometimes. What are some of the more realistic furry pieces of media? I am not necessarily talking about individual drawings but answering with those are fine. This question is primarily talking about fictional works.
  18. Liberonscien

    Non-furries, why are you here?

    Those of you who do not consider yourselves to be furries, why are you here? I am personally here, among other reasons, to get ideas for a fictional world I am developing that has some furry themes.
  19. Liberonscien

    Furry versus

    Two furry species choices. Pick your favorite and match it up with something. Player one: Cat and dog. Player two: Cat Cat and dragon. Player three: Dragon Dragon or snake. Player four: Dragon. Dragon or skunk? And so on until we find an ultimate winner. Edit: Wolf won 9 times in a row. Current...
  20. Liberonscien

    Would you bite the person above? Why or why not?

    I do not have anyone to bite.