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  1. DirtD

    Side Scribbles

    Similar to my last rainy day doodles. It's a gloomy day today on my day off, and I'm looking for something to keep busy. I dont have a set amount of 'slots' or a specific style. I draw depending on how I feel. Expect anything! Last Random Sketch Thread...
  2. DirtD

    Rainy Day DooDles

    Hey guys, Just as the tittle says, it's a rainy day, and there's not much to do around here. So throw me some refs, or ideas, or whatever you'd like. Keep it clean, please. I'm still learning, so the style is unique to each drawing. I draw based on how I feel, that day. Let's see what today...
  3. DirtD

    Helpful or Neat Art Websites

    I'd like to build a little collection of art related websites. I have my favorite few which include : http://dribbble.com/ http://beta.imaginefx.com/ http://hifructose.com/ What're yours?
  4. DirtD

    Pose Suggestions Help help

    I'd like to start by saying Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the forums, and happy to be here. I'm a growing artist requiring feedback and inspiration. Right now I'm just stuck. I'd like to get some suggestions for different poses, just to give me something to relax and doodle.