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  1. Alopecoid

    Seeking Submissions for ANE Zootopia Panel

    Hey All, So I'm gonna be hosting a Zootopia appreciation panel at ANE! It's still taking shape, but the plan now is to focus on the movie's origins and production for the first part, talk about its reception and impact in the fandom for the second part, and then open it up to discussion. For...
  2. Alopecoid

    Question On Fursona Names

    So I'm white and I chose a traditionally Latino name (Javier) for my fursona. I wanted to get opinions and see if people see any issue with that, or if it's not a big deal. At the time I didn't think about the racial aspect of it. I just brainstormed a list of names and I really liked Javier...
  3. Alopecoid

    Tips for Using Furry Amino?

    I've heard good things about it, but I'm not sure where to begin. The user interface kinda gives me anxiety :p If you use it, what do you mainly use it for? Is it good for meeting local furries? Can you give me some tips on how to navigate it? I don't see a "search" feature anywhere so I...
  4. Alopecoid

    Life Is Hard

    I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed at the moment, so I figured I'd reach out to my furry brothers and sisters for a little support. I don't feel like writing paragraphs, and lists are easier to read anyway, so I'll do that: I've been feeling like shit all week, battling a nasty cold. The kind that...
  5. Alopecoid

    Favorite Cons You've Been To?

    I'm planning on going to a few furcons next year and trying to decide which ones to attend. What are your guys favorite conventions that you've been to, and what did you like most about them?
  6. Alopecoid

    Dance Competitors: Should I use shoe base for feetpaws?

    I'm getting a partial and will be competing in dance comps. Trying to decide if I should use shoe base for the feet paws. I'm hoping some experienced competitors can give me advice. I have flat feet - not sure if that makes a difference. Just want to make sure my suit is well designed for...
  7. Alopecoid

    Can you wear glasses under a fursuit head?

    Basic question I know, just want to make sure. I don't know how much space there usually is under a fursuit head and if glasses would get in the way. I've never worn contacts and can't see too well without my specs, so I'd prefer to wear them. Thanks!
  8. Alopecoid

    Movies/TV shows every furry should watch?

    So one of the best parts of my first furcon (#ANE2018) was hearing and seeing a lot of references to TV shows, movies, and games that went completely over my head. I found that really fun, because now I have all these great ideas for new entertainment to explore. For example, I'm watching Robin...
  9. Alopecoid

    Can a fursuit expert answer some q's for me?

    Hey All, I'm in the planning stage of buying a fursuit and I have a lot of questions. Rather than post a list, I was wondering if there were any fursuit experts here who'd be willing to answer some q's via private message. Let me know and I'll shoot you a message. Thanks!
  10. Alopecoid

    Questions from a first-time convention-goer

    Hey Guys, I’m new to the fandom and really digging it so far. I’m planning on going to my first convention in a few weeks (New England Anthro) and was hoping some old pros could answer a few questions for me. Trying to get a feel for what to expect and proper etiquette. My apologies if any of...
  11. Alopecoid

    Lonely furry looking for solidarity

    Hey all, I've been thinking about joining this site for a while. Still kinda on the fence about it, but I must say it feels good to be around other people who are into what I'm into. I discovered I was into this stuff almost 15 years ago (God, that makes me feel old) thanks to a commercial for...