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  1. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    My Personal Mario Fanart Dump

    So I've been doing a lot of Mario fanart recently. I guess my enthusiasm for the series, as well as my desire to add some dark themes to my fan content of it, has surged in recent weeks. Here is the art, in roughly chronological order:
  2. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art

    Hello out there! :) I'm currently looking to fill out my OC cast for a crime/horror-based webcomic project of mine. So, I'm looking to trade for neat designs! If you want to trade OC-for-OC, we will both walk away with new characters to work with. I'm looking for old-school mobster designs...
  3. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art!

    Anybody willing to do a design trade with me? ✨ I'd greatly prefer non-base art. Both of us will have a brand new OC to name and work with when we're done! I'm looking for mobster-style character work specifically, since I want to fill out my cast for a webcomic I have in the works. But really...
  4. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Another Animation Exercise

    I've been trying to get some animation practice in. Pretty simple, but something to stretch the drawing muscles at least.
  5. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    (Commission) Selling: Quickie Traditional Inked Sketches! ($5)

    I'm going to be offering a handful of these. What I'll Do: - Head and/or shoulders/arms of a character of your choice. I Will Draw: - Furries (Any Species) - Humans - Robots (Simplified) - Fanart - OCs I Will Not Draw: - Hate Content - Explicit NSFW Example Art:
  6. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    (Commission) Selling: Toony Headshot Commissions! ($10-$15)

    Commission Rules/Rates: You'll find these in the attached picture. Other Information: Turnaround time is about 1-2 weeks, but I tend to get done sooner. My schedule can vary though, so appreciate your patience! :) If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a message here or...
  7. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Luigi and Waluigi Fanart

    So I felt like drawing these guys up. Two of my favorite Nintendo characters...well, they're also two of my favorite characters in general.
  8. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Did a Semi-Animated Illustration

    Got inspired to do a little bit of blinking practice today by a CSP tutorial. I've gotten more confident at painting in backgrounds for things like this, sketchy as they are.
  9. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Fursona Advice - Reindeer

    Hello all, I'm in the process of designing a fursona for myself, a reindeer specifically. Does anyone have any notable examples of memorable reindeer furs I could look to for some inspiration? As for inspirations I have in mind currently, I've been looking at Rankin-Bass's Rudolph and Bambi...
  10. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Hi, All!

    The name's DefectiveDirectives, and I'm a cartoonist who sometimes draws animals and other beings of the furry/feathery/scaly/other persuasions. Though most of my art these days features humans, particularly mobster characters, it was cartoon animals of various kinds that helped ignite my...