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  1. Vinfang

    Free Art: 300 watcher raffle & more! [OPEN]

    /300 Sub Raffle: [NOW OPEN] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41375716/ /Star Wars Day: ( May 4th - 6th ) [NOW OPEN] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41376370 Tell all your Star wars loving friends about this amazing event!
  2. Vinfang

    Making a VN in 3 months (?)

    I am considering the likelihood of turning my old project /TERRA into a dating sim. Rather than let it continue to gather dust on my shelf since 2018. *cough* It just needed a plot, a facelift, and some support. What do you people think about me making a dating sim? 0w0 My goal is to have it be...
  3. Vinfang

    Free Art: Help me reach 200 watchers on FA? ⊙ω⊙ [closed]

    To get a X'mas present: 1, watch+ poprocker566@FA ( or any of my other social media accounts ) 2, link your ref 3, tell a friend 4, make a lil' wish (anything goes, from a teensy lollipop to a full set of exo-skeleton body armor which I'll deliver. ) Happy holidays to y'all adorable fluff...
  4. Vinfang

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Sketches - Concept Arts Edition - Lots of pics! (NSFW, GORE, ECT. FRIENDLY)

    Sketches Hourly Rate: $15/hour Single Sketch - $5/20min [ Full body / Detailed close-up ] **Minimum Price: $5 per OC** -50% Artistic liberty. -Live stream on Picarto. -Be specific, NO do-overs. -You get what you paid for. -Available in both traditional n...
  5. Vinfang

    Art Trade: Art trades

    I am looking to trade art for superior rigging ( something like skin weights, tail rigg, face rigg, etc.) I do know a bit of rigging, but often find myself don't have time / too lazy to finish rigging my models for animation, after UV. I am passively looking for a rigging partner. As for Art...
  6. Vinfang

    Free Art: Fanart Friday! Reborn!

    Fanart Friday is here! (UTC-04:00) 8pm-12am Streaming Channel: vinfang - Picarto SUBSCRIBER REWARDS: Fanart Friday Giveaways* Artstation (poprocker566.artstation.com: Onkyu Ho Instagram (Vinfang (@_vinfang_) • Instagram photos and videos Furaffinity (Userpage of poprocker566 -- Fur Affinity...
  7. Vinfang

    Artists, have you ever been scammed by a client?

    Here is the story... I just got scammed. Client paid $60 out of $480 and is deleting herself on FA after she got busted ( I showed her the copied response from the 3rd party helpdesk ) I would probably remember this forever, because this is the first time it has happened to me. This is awful...
  8. Vinfang

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $5 Custom Bases & $30 High Quality YCHs & $80 Painting Auctions (Updated Feb-2021)

    ☆ Any Gender / Any Species ☆ Payment: CAD, USD, EURO or GBP via PayPal **Additional NSFW YCHs are available on FA.** $15+ YCH Pin-up $20+ YCH Icon $30+ YCH Icon $40+ Painted YCH ( SFW x1 + NSFW x1)
  9. Vinfang

    Main Site Seprate boards for lenghty projects?

    Besides the YCH board that everyone wishes; I suggest: A board for live stream notice. A board for illustrations and short animations that took over 24hrs of work-time to complete. Two other boards for even lengthier projects, like longer animations / detailed sculptures / game developments /...
  10. Vinfang

    Free Art: Valentine's Day Surprise Date {closed}

    I am offering up a free slot on Valentine's Day. This time I am setting up one (or more) lucky bastard to go on a date with my hunky beast, 鬼哭. 1. Species 2. Gender 3. Sfw / Nsfw 4. Body Pose 5. Personality The Rules No more than two characters. My arts are for personal use only. I will...
  11. Vinfang

    Free Art: Healing Sketches... [closed]

    1. Species 2. Gender 3. Injury 4. Body Pose 5. Personality -You can post, trace, edit, alter, colour my art, as long as you link my FA profile / Artstation / Instagram along with it. -Also, my arts here are for personal use only. Update: Thank you for all your kind supports past week. My mom...
  12. Vinfang

    (Commission) Selling: About handcrafted items

    I don't typically keep a certain materials in stock, so some crafts will take longer the create. Always available: Tattoo Soaps Candles Crystal pyramids Jewelry Wax Most likely available: Physical stretch canvas Wood Polymer Clay Special order: Boxes / Containers Rubber ( stamps / seals /...
  13. Vinfang

    KFC dating sim

    Bizarre looking, yet promising.
  14. Vinfang

    Toronto Fan Expo

    Who is going 2020?
  15. Vinfang

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Linearts - Ref Sheets Edition - Lots of pics! (NSFW, GORE, ECT. FRIENDLY)

    Update: All commissions will be given update at least once per week, and upon request. Picarto.tv or Amino chat available for live input on Thursday / Saturday. Professional portfolio: Furaffinity - Commissioned Works (YCHs & furry art) Artstation - School Works (game art & technical...