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  1. Chomby

    Request: Crystal Ghost Dude

  2. Chomby

    Free art, need someones OC for inspo

    I'll throw in my fursona for you to look at. Thanks for checking it out! You make really nice art by the way.
  3. Chomby

    Snuggle / Cuddle Rooms at Cons?!

    I already take them, but legal ones prescribed by my doctor. You're not funny.
  4. Chomby

    Survey - Orientation and Species

    Oh yeah, will you post the results on a later date? : o
  5. Chomby

    Survey - Orientation and Species

    Submitted! uwu Edit: I linked it in furry discord servers I'm in so hopefully you'll get even more submissions.
  6. Chomby

    Art Trade: Anyone up for a SFW trade? (CLOSED)

    Ahhh!! I love it! Thank you so much!! <3
  7. Chomby

    Art Trade: Anyone up for a SFW trade? (CLOSED)

    Of course! I'm glad you like it! I'm JackChomby on FA.
  8. Chomby

    Art Trade: Anyone up for a SFW trade? (CLOSED)

    I'd love art of Ash again! I believe maybe you've drawn him before. I have bad memory. ^^' I already made you something by the way. lol I hope you don't mind! You don't have to trade if you don't wanna. I just wanted to draw your character.
  9. Chomby

    Good Memories You Have In The Fandom

    I've met some amazing artists, came across many interesting characters, and made some (mostly) friendly acquaintances. I'm still bad at making actual friends, or maybe who I'd consider a "friend" is on way too high of a pedestal. Anyway, I've had generally good experiences in the fandom I...
  10. Chomby

    Your fictional character crush

    Mine is still Deadpool. What can I say? I'm in love.
  11. Chomby

    Request: Crystal Ghost Dude

  12. Chomby

    Did anyone becoming a furry start with...

    I found out what furries were after meeting some pretty unsavory furries on Playstation Home. They were creeps. Even after that bad impression, I remained curious about the fandom and the people in it. I poked my head in and interacted with furries in online furry spaces on some rare occasions...
  13. Chomby

    Request: Would someone please draw my character kemono-style. (SFW)

    Эта часть веб-сайта не для комиссий. Люди либо предлагают, либо просят бесплатное искусство, либо рисуют персонажей друг друга. Я использую Google перевод. Перейти к "Art Sales and Auctions", если вы хотите, чтобы рекламировать свои kомиссий.
  14. Chomby

    What is your sound?

  15. Chomby

    Autism in The Fandom

    I can't tell you how many times I've been invalidated after mentioning I have ASD because they automatically assume I'm using it as an excuse. Sorry. This thread isn't about me. I'm just in a bad headspace. Peace.
  16. Chomby

    Autism in The Fandom

    Is it rare for some aspies to not experience sensory overload and to understand sarcasm and stuff like that? I know it's a spectrum. Also yay it's World Autism Awareness day. People will still find me annoying and make ableist comments to me regardless.
  17. Chomby

    Furry Twitter.

    Oh trust me, I don't. I just don't say anything since I don't need the stress. lol I'll just roll my eyes and keep scrolling.
  18. Chomby

    Furry Twitter.

    I just started using twitter on March 3rd I think. So far it's relatively easy to avoid drama. I've made some friends.
  19. Chomby

    Request: Crystal Ghost Dude

    Bababooey °w°
  20. Chomby

    I'm a rabbit

    I'm a cat/bat hybrid but some people have thought I was a rabbit. lol