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  1. Hitaka5Ever

    Word association

  2. Hitaka5Ever

    Never have I ever

    No Never have I ever broken a law
  3. Hitaka5Ever

    Never have I ever

    Yes many times (it was little white lies just fyi) Never have I ever kicked a heavy object and nearly broke my toe doing it
  4. Hitaka5Ever

    Never have I ever

    The best one I could do was barely 24 hours in my early 20s, so no Never have I ever gone almost 2 weeks without taking a shower
  5. Hitaka5Ever

    Word association

  6. Hitaka5Ever

    Commercials you love

    Mine is the original Jake from State Farm commercial. I also like the newer ones, more specifically the one where the pizza delivery person gives Jake a giant bottle of ranch dressing
  7. Hitaka5Ever

    The Hiring forum used to be bustling, but there hasn't been a lot of new offers so far. Kinda bummed

    The Hiring forum used to be bustling, but there hasn't been a lot of new offers so far. Kinda bummed
  8. Hitaka5Ever

    Hiring: LF art for multiple D&D characters

    My gf and I are open and I'd love to do art of Squeak. Here's our information: https://www.deviantart.com/hitaka5ever/art/2021-Collaboration-Commissions-828452672 And some examples: Please email me @ real.rockyfuller@gmail.com to order!
  9. Hitaka5Ever

    On The Increasingly Agitating Subject Of Pricing Your Art

    I go by what AntiDarkHeart on Twitter and at DeviantART told us on her Twitter a few years ago: Charge $15/hr for the base price when you're making locked-in prices. So if a sketch takes 1 hour to finish, a sketch is $15. If it takes 30 minutes, charge less (like maybe $10) Obviously change your...
  10. Hitaka5Ever

    Coloring an Animation (Tips/tutorials wanted)

    Any animators have tips when it comes to coloring an animation? What kind of guidelines do you use to keep markings consistent/in the right place? Right now I'm focusing on clean-up (the lineart stage) of animations, so these tips will be saved for future reference once I reach that point Side...
  11. Hitaka5Ever

    Works in Progress!

    Upgrading an old comic from 2015-16 by my gf and I. Shading in progress (just placement right now, I change to multiply and the opacity when I'm done) (Click image for better resolution; redirects to my Sta.sh on DA)
  12. Hitaka5Ever

    What Are You Listening To?

    Take Me Away by Ayron Jones
  13. Hitaka5Ever

    Need help with dragons

    I do follow the fan account that's doing the animation series, but I'll definitely look up the books and read up on the lore! They've actually been an inspiration as of late ^^ Thanks for the advice!