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  1. snailienz

    (Commission) Selling: Looking for Comissions (2/3 Slots Open)

    Hello friends! I’m Phoenix aka snailienz and I make cute lineless art with a unique style. My turnaround rate is typically between 1 to 5 days depending on how life works out, and I can do your comission on stream by request with no additional charges involved! Take a look at the sheets provided...
  2. snailienz

    Can someone suggest me artists with unique styles?

    I see a lot of furry artists that use the iconic "furry" style, which is beautiful! But I like to see a lot of variety. Suggest some anthro/furry artists (EPECIALLY COMIC ARTIST) that have interesting styles to me. Sfw is preferred but not needed.
  3. snailienz

    Virtual Pet Planet- A Multimedia Comic about Virtual pets (LGBT)

    SO this is kind of my passion project, I guess. I've been working on the story, designs, style and stuff for almost...ten years now? I meant to post this up when I started posting, but at the time I remembered these existed, the forums were down and I thought they weren't coming back since the...
  4. snailienz

    $25 Adoptables OPEN 2/3

    => Go Here or Comment Below to Claim 1. OPEN 2. sold-SkullFoxAltar 3.OPEN BONUS: Offering to make full refs to go with the design for $20 more! Includes back view and detail shots (ex: paws, how accesories attach, teeth) AND color swatch set.
  5. snailienz

    Witchsona Adoptables $12

    There will be more of these over the course of the month! $12 each or $15 with a bonus surprise familiar added on!
  6. snailienz

    Wanting to draw interesting designs/animal choices! (currently full)

    Hey! So, I know I have the capability to draw a lot of animal types, but I don't actually have any OCs or ideas for the more strange animal choices! I need some folks willing to let my use their characters as guinea pigs/ reference. You get free art and I get some refs to use when looking for...
  7. snailienz

    Colored Commissions starting at $10!

    This isn't my first time posting here, but this sure is a new account I made. I'm looking to fill up three slots. (I might open more later, but for now let's do three.) Full Text Info ||“High Detail” References and Explanation || Portfolio Slots: 1. (open) 2.(open) 3.(open)
  8. snailienz

    FLASH SALE! Flat colors and Cell shaded work. Ends Wed, Jun 28 at 11:59am.

    Hey guys! I'm having a quick sale to get some cash in early. Typically, my fullbody flat colors cost around $22, but until next week, anything without a background is $15 and anything with one is $20, with a $10 upcharge for shading (typically $25-40, now $25-30). Sale will end by the next time...