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  1. peach ♡


  2. peach ♡

    Show me your art!

    hi i just wanna look at art uwu and if u wanna link your fa i'll check it out!! <3
  3. peach ♡

    Pixel Artists/Spriters?

    aa, thank you!! <3
  4. peach ♡

    Pixel Artists/Spriters?

    hi!! i'm starting out with pixel art but i just posted one!! www.furaffinity.net: maybe it was the milk by axoji
  5. peach ♡

    My first fursona...be gentle plz:D

    aw, i hope you can feel better soon!! it can be hard to battle but you're very strong for holding on <3 and thank you!! i made it myself ^-^
  6. peach ♡

    Fursona vs Mascot?

    oh! i understand what you're saying, but i've also seen many artists that have mascots to be their "main personal OC", so the distinction for me becomes more difficult aha ;;
  7. peach ♡

    Fursona vs Mascot?

    i'm curious as to what everybody thinks the difference is between a fursona and a mascot!! the line can get pretty blurred sometimes
  8. peach ♡

    Fursona Diet

    my fursona follows human diets because she is centered around fruit, and a lot of animals can't eat certain types of fruit ehe ;v;
  9. peach ♡

    Demotivated? Feel You are bad at art?

    this is a good thread!! honestly, it depends on where you want to take your art, but i hope everyone has fun doing it at least!
  10. peach ♡

    My first fursona...be gentle plz:D

    sounds interesting from what you have so far!! i'd love to see you add a bit more dimension to her weaknesses though, as shyness and social awkwardness aren't really too descriptive. perhaps social anxiety would be a better term? anyways, hope to see you flesh out this character a lil more...
  11. peach ♡

    Does your fursona have hair that looks like yours?

    mine doesn't at all, she's just a cute sona i made