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  1. 2deek

    Word association

    Experiment (like a thought experiment)
  2. 2deek

    Action and Horror in the community

    I get what you mean, man. Although, when it comes to genre combination you can easily do the same with horror and action with other genres. Also I feel that the whole "It's unreasonable to expect people to change from something they are getting attention for" seems to be a forego of artistic...
  3. 2deek

    Action and Horror in the community

    So the reason there isn't alot of action stories in the community is because people find it boring? That's still not much of an excuse though, you can make fight and action series intresting and story-driven. If anything that still makes it seem like writers and artist can't venture out of their...
  4. 2deek

    Word association

  5. 2deek

    Been a while

    after all, he's been through he could never forget
  6. 2deek

    Been a while

    So, how's it hanging guys, it's been a while since my last post. I'm not necessarily coming back to the fandom per se, but I have some comic ideas that I feel would interest some aspects of the community and might start posting some concept work here to see what y'all think and to get a bit of...
  7. 2deek

    Hey, so do you have like an email, I can contact you by or something, cause I'd like to pursue...

    Hey, so do you have like an email, I can contact you by or something, cause I'd like to pursue my Enlightenment Idea
  8. 2deek

    Moving On

    As of today, I've decided to leave the fandom. Now this has nothing to do with anything personal, but I wish to do more with my art, and pursue other interests as a means of finding myself artistically. That and, I feel as though there is nothing much for me in this community. and feel that by...
  9. 2deek

    Whelp, it's official

    thanks y'all
  10. 2deek

    Whelp, it's official

    I've survived 20 years on this planet
  11. 2deek

    Feelin' fine like wine

    Feelin' fine like wine
  12. 2deek

    A work in progress, but still want some critique

    I see. Thanks. Although I already sort of finished it, I'll definitely redraw it
  13. 2deek

    Man I wish this was an actual anime!

    I love that artstyle dude. That and the same for phase one Gorillaz and JSRF I just like that sort of comic sharp edged art style
  14. 2deek

    Anyone here heard of Daisuke Nakayama?

    I friggin' love his art style, it's like a mix of Gorillaz and Jet Set Radio Future. This is the sort of tyle I want for my art
  15. 2deek

    Sketchbook: plz stop.

    ah man...that's not right
  16. 2deek

    What headphones do you own?

    Cowin e7 noise-canceling headphones. They're super loud and have a killer bass. Best X-mas gift ever
  17. 2deek

    Man I wish this was an actual anime!

  18. 2deek

    Where's the Hype?

    Guess I'm getting it for Xbox then