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  1. Ryuta

    Need an advice on fixing the head.

    I account for bit around 1 inch from all my measurement. At the moment I fix the head it by carve the inside out a bit. It a bit looser but the it still tight around the eye.
  2. Ryuta

    Need an advice on fixing the head.

    Hi everyone. My name is Ryuta and now working on my head for my first partial suit. I use bucket base method for my head. At first before putting the fur on. It fit my head comfortably but when I put the fur on the head start to feel a bit tight especially around the eye. Any tip or advice on...
  3. Ryuta

    What's your favorite drawing in the gallery of the person above you?

    Ooh. This look fun uwu I'll join in as well. I like this one. www.furaffinity.net: Haru Beastars Fanart <3 by Mewboo Link to my gallery is in the signature.
  4. Ryuta

    Your desk!

    My desk is full of wire lol. It's my grandpa office desk since 2001. He give it to me since he have no use for it anymore. and yep I'm still using genius tablet when doing art(I want to change soon T_T)
  5. Ryuta

    I'll rate your sona

    This looks fun. I'll join with my sona too. The name of my sona is Ryuta.
  6. Ryuta

    Hello everyone.

    Hi everyone. I'm Ryuta, the black dragon from Thailand. I'm a graduate student at the moment. I like gaming and doing art in my free time. I've been furry for 10 year(since 2011) and been on FA since 2016. I like to expand my world in this fandom and talk to different people and...