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  1. elle2

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for art for my gator sona!

    Love her!! Here's some examples I've done recently of my own croc character ^^ And here are my rates! For more info and to place an order please head over to my website! https://lele22.weebly.com/commissions.html Thank you!
  2. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    OMG Well... time has passed.. its 2021!??! AhhH!!! I drew some vurrry old characters! My croc character abigail and my lil boy felix LOL
  3. elle2

    Hiring: ($150+) OC drawing and reference sheet

    Hiya! Here's my commissions website, and an example of a reference sheet!
  4. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    Ok another post to make up for my erm month long gap. I tried to design a new fursona since my old one didn't feel very me... it's a raccoon dog!! I think they look so cute and fluffy. Whenever I design characters I try to think of ways I haven't seen things used before, so for this I hadn't...
  5. elle2

    Sketchbook: All my artworks.

    Wow, hyena city!! So great to see some hyena love
  6. elle2

    Leaving my comfort zone <3

    Very charming and cute!! I love how gentle your illustrations look!
  7. elle2

    Hiring: ($50+) Sakura Flower themed pokemon OCs

    This sounds really fun! Here's my price sheet and here's my commission website, which tells you a little bit more about how much it would cost. As I work in animation I really pride myself on being able to draw "on model" so I have no problem with drawing in the pokemon style (tbh I feel like...
  8. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    Oh god... it's gone past two weeks... ha... ha... *forgetting everything* I've been doing so much schoolwork!! I'm excited to graduate soon *rolling eyes* Here's a drawing I did of my mascot! I find it hard to do stuff "messy" so i wanted to try out a super messy colouring style with lots of...
  9. elle2

    Sketchbook: Viivi's critters

    Wow, love the shapes! I really like the horn styles you've explored too, sooo cool!
  10. elle2

    What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

    Hmm.. it was either Jojo Rabbit or Onward. Both of which I really enjoyed!!
  11. elle2

    (Commission) Selling: Character illustrations, ref sheets, designs etc! Starting at £50!

    For more examples please refer to: Twitter gallery Instagram gallery My commissions website! Please refer to it, and if you're interested fill out a form! I am open and raring to go! I have a pretty fast turnaround, and I won't post your commission without your permission! How it...
  12. elle2

    Hiring: looking for a redesign/ref sheet commission ($20-$100+)(closed)

    Hiya! Here's my price sheet! If you're interested, or want to see more examples of my work, please head to my commissions website >:3
  13. elle2

    Fresh n' new baby!!

    *waving* Thank you guys so much!! >:3
  14. elle2

    Hiring: Looking for a NSFW commission for my fiancé and I. Budget: $50 - $200

    I'd love to work with you! :3 here's my price sheet, and here's where you can find more of my info :3
  15. elle2

    Fresh n' new baby!!

    Aww thank you guys so much T.T
  16. elle2

    Fresh n' new baby!!

    Thank you for the floof >:3 I'm excited to post more huhu!!
  17. elle2

    Hiring: Looking for a completely NSFW piece for my OC ($50-$125)

    I'd love to draw her ^^, so here's my price sheet, and here's where you can find more of my info :3
  18. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    Here's a little collage of my three mafia brothers! They're humans but um.. I like drawing them as furs. The story wouldn't change if they were furry or not tbh LOL. The eldest two are 33 y.o jaguars (they're twins), they're called Theo (tiger stripe jacket, pronounced Tay-O) and Elias...
  19. elle2

    Sketchbook: Elle's gallery!!!

    I wanted to have a place to post my work, talk about my processes and just generally thinking about art and my work!! I'll try to update this thread about once a week. More about me: I'm currently in my third year of 2d animation school (focusing on pre production), and I love learning about...
  20. elle2

    *makes torso proportional... draws head too small*

    The proportions look good to me! I really liked the shapes you used too, very fun!