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  1. EdgarKingmaker

    Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500

    Still looking for modellers. Few positions open now. Anthropomorphic Fantasy Tabletop Games Development
  2. EdgarKingmaker

    Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500

    Appreciate your post @Vinfang but it seems you work for non commercial purposes, according to your ToS. Much like Warhammer or Reaper style miniatures, well equipped adventurers to be based, primed, painted, and played with.
  3. EdgarKingmaker

    Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500

    Humanoid bunnies, reptilians, aliens, and more. From fantasy equipped to sci-fi or Wild West. Minis need to be presentable in painted condition for tabletop gaming demos. Budget highly flexible, multiple orders for quick turnaround times with expressive and well designed models. Please leave...
  4. EdgarKingmaker

    Artist Looking for Room Share AC2019

    33 y/o artist heading to AC alone this year. Looking for crash space among respectful furs. Can speak English and ASL. Preferred arrival Thursday, departure Monday. Also willing to throw in a badge or two. Questions?
  5. EdgarKingmaker

    Request: Who take free requests?

    The FREENUTMILK group opens free requests twice a month. It's open now for a few more hours: www.furaffinity.net: FREE ART JOURNAL 02-18-2019 -- FREE_NUTMILK's Journal
  6. EdgarKingmaker

    Can't draw digital anymore

    Whenever I get this feeling I switch off to something else entirely. Clay sculpting, wood carving, painting minis, writing. By staying creative, my mind often bridges the gap back to illustration.
  7. EdgarKingmaker

    Looking to Practice a Comic Book with a Horror Author

    I'm looking for: A horror author who's willing to write their story out as a comic book script. I'm looking for something to practice with. Maybe end up around ten pages, give or take. Blood, gore, NSFW is all fine. I certainly want to get back to bloodier and moodier themes, and I think this...
  8. EdgarKingmaker

    Sketch Pages - $30 Special

    Still going!
  9. EdgarKingmaker

    Sketch Pages - $30 Special

    Bomp! Still available!
  10. EdgarKingmaker

    Sketch Pages - $30 Special

    Hey there! I'm offering sketch pages that will contain around 3 representations of your character! For a trial period, I'm offering them for $30 a piece! If interested, follow this link and fill out the simple form in the submission, then note it to me! www.furaffinity.net: Sketch Page Sale~...
  11. EdgarKingmaker

    Looking for an artist that draws by description (Closed)

    Single character SFW? Well, I could give you a fully colored one for $15. I'd even give you a flat and a simple shaded version if you wanted. What quality are my $15 single character images? Well, many of my recent images are more than one character, but the line and shading quality is the...
  12. EdgarKingmaker

    Looking for Art Trades!

    I might be up for one. Note me. Artwork Gallery for EdgarKingmaker -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  13. EdgarKingmaker

    Random Art Card Request Thread

    Hmmm... 'Kay. Either my icon... first frame.. Or this, which could be too busy.
  14. EdgarKingmaker

    Down to Fur The 'More 2018

    Looking for a Rideshade to and from my Chambersburg area of PA. I'm a light packer, and can offer fairly intelligent conversation. I'm also looking for a roomshare at Fur The 'More. Can pack sleeping needs as required... looking for the con days.
  15. EdgarKingmaker

    Fur The More 2018

    I was thinking of going to FTM this year. I've gone to AnthroCon a number of times, but not really many others. I was looking at the Artists' Alley, but the table fee kinda worries me, so I'm thinking more of going as a normal attendee. Just... gotta figure out where the best place to look for...
  16. EdgarKingmaker

    Trading Art for either X-Mas Art or Favor

    I am... willing to do that again! :3
  17. EdgarKingmaker

    Trading Art for either X-Mas Art or Favor

    I went ahead and sent you a note.
  18. EdgarKingmaker

    Trading Art for either X-Mas Art or Favor

    Well, I mean... you're better than you were last year when I was looking for trades then. Though, so am I.