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  1. zandelux

    Point-and-click adventure games

    So I was browsing GOG and came across this game: https://www.gog.com/game/foxtail And it got me thinking about point-and-click adventures, so I wanted to make this a general thread about them. Doesn't have to be furry-related. I was super into these games when they were in their heyday (late...
  2. zandelux

    Let's write a song using other song lyrics

    Post a line from any song you want. The only rule is that there has to be some connection to the previous poster's line. The connection can be that it rhymes, is talking about the same thing, completes a sentence, anything you want. Or hell, just post something random, it's not like these rules...
  3. zandelux

    Maggie the Cat Who Fights Demons

    I saw this posted on the Furry Subreddit, and I think it's fantastic. It's a 20-page comic and the artist is looking for donations to expand it into a full graphic novel. Back it if you want to see more! http://kck.st/2I6hI5b
  4. zandelux

    Looking for feedback on my kobold

    My fursona is very much a work in progress. No images yet, just a backstory and some rough ideas for physical appearance. But I'd love to hear what people think. Questions, criticisms, anything you'd ask my fursona if you met him? My creative juices flow best when I get ideas flowing in from...
  5. zandelux

    Anybody heard of this Gamers vs. Furries War?

    I came across this while searching for Protogen info: https://gvf-war.fandom.com/wiki/Gamers_Vs._Furries_War_Wiki It began about 2 years ago on Tik Tok, which I don't use. I see the occasional video posted on Reddit and that's my only exposure to it. The war seems to be a good-natured RP-ish...
  6. zandelux

    Fur-curious and excited to learn more

    Hey all, I've been a fan of furry art for ages, but up until recently I didn't really want to interact with the fandom. Hard to say why. Maybe I was just in denial, like I was fine with consuming furry media but didn't feel comfortable with identifying as a fur? I really don't know how much I...