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  1. Chandraken


    www.furaffinity.net: PRICE DROP! ACRYLIC CHARM YCH by Chandraken www.furaffinity.net: PRICE DROP! ACRYLIC CHARM YCH by Chandraken www.furaffinity.net: PRICE DROP! ACRYLIC CHARM YCH by Chandraken 5 ACRYLIC CHARMS + 2 DIGITAL CHIBIS = 100USD <3
  2. Chandraken

    5 Acrylic charms of YCH beach scene!

    Hey all! I am offering 5 copies of a double sided 2inch acrylic charm, perfect for key rings or attaching to badges and phones! It’s a beach scene with day and night on either side, and your character depicted with any swimsuit (or none!!) Full information is here: www.furaffinity.net: BEACH...
  3. Chandraken

    Gamer Girl YCH

    Hi all! I am currently offering up this YCH gamer girl auction! Please go here to bid: www.furaffinity.net: GAMER GIRL YCH by Chandraken
  4. Chandraken

    Doing some freebies (closed)

    Wow, you have a stunning style! Do you have a gallery link? I would be very interested in watching you! Would you consider drawing my Capri? www.furaffinity.net: Capri reference by Chandraken She is a peaceful, sweet girl with a lot of awe for the natural world. I look forward to seeing more...
  5. Chandraken

    Notes Problem: Changed to beta; how do I access priority notes?

    Hey all! I changed 2 days ago to the beta layout to try it out, but noticed today that while I can assign a priority to a note I can't seem to filter for them now. I predict I am missing something obvious, but would really appreciate a pointer! Many thanks :D
  6. Chandraken

    Coffee Date YCH and Striped kitty adopt available!

    Hey everyone! I am hosting a collaboration YCH with cinamoncune for your character in a fully shaded and detailed autumnal scene <3 You choose the character and the clothes, and we do the rest! The auction is due to end tomorrow, so check it out here if you would like to place a bid...
  7. Chandraken

    Kitsune girl ends in 20mins <3

    www.furaffinity.net: Kitsune adopt! Ends Sunday <3 SB: 20$, AB 80$ by Chandraken I forgot about forums! Hi everyone! I will post a commission thread shortly. Good to be back! In the mean time I would just like to say my kitsune lass is going for only $30 at the moment. Check her out and maybe...
  8. Chandraken

    Bug/Site Problem: Advert not up

    Thank you very much :)
  9. Chandraken

    Bug/Site Problem: Advert not up

    Hey guys, On the 8th I submitted a request to have an advert up on site via the email address provided. It was approved on the 11th, a Wednesday, and I paid that same day emailing back to inform the team. I was advised in the email I received when my advert was approved that it would go live in...
  10. Chandraken

    One commission slot open!

    Hey everyone c: I currently have a slot opened for a commission, and thought I'd advertise down here Prices are here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10793853/ with a link to my TOS and reservation journal in. To request a commission either leave a comment on my journal here...
  11. Chandraken

    Help with my pricing please :D

    Hey all! Firstly I do apologise if I'm in the wrong place! I don't post on the forums much but will happily move if I've got it wrong c: I'm in need of some help with pricing my work. I'm going to be having less free time in the upcoming months and will be relying on commissions for financial...
  12. Chandraken

    Commission and Auction

    Please respond here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1285630/ Opening for commissions and a special one off auction to raise monies - I need clothes desparately XD
  13. Chandraken

    Artist wanted for V-day picture

    Thank you very much for all the interest! It was a really hard call, I didn't quite expect as many lovely offers n_n I have now confirmed with my preferred artist a deal, and it is currently underway. Keep up the great work though guys!
  14. Chandraken

    Artist wanted for V-day picture

    I'm still looking. A few things have caught my interest but I'd like to see if more people respond n_n
  15. Chandraken

    Artist wanted for V-day picture

    Thanks for the interest so far. I'm looking through everyone's galleries as we speak.
  16. Chandraken

    Artist wanted for V-day picture

    Oh howdy =D I haven't forgotten about our trade. I'm bogged down with work right now and it's driving me mad >: I'll keep you in mind n_n
  17. Chandraken

    Artist wanted for V-day picture

    Thanks for the response. I'm going to have to decline I'm afraid though ^^;
  18. Chandraken

    Artist wanted for V-day picture

    Hey guys! I am looking to commission an artist for a full body picture containing two characters in a pg13 scenario. Either digital or traditional is accepted. I have a limit of £30 (roughly $45) and it would be needed preferably the day before Valentine's day just so it's ready to show XD...
  19. Chandraken

    Want a trade?

    Thanks n_n They're reference sheets though - so they're gonna be time consuming XD
  20. Chandraken

    Want a trade?

    ATTENTION Due to commissions I am now closing the opening for new art trades. If I've said yes to you, it's still on - just no more new ones!