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  1. EdgarKingmaker

    Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500

    Humanoid bunnies, reptilians, aliens, and more. From fantasy equipped to sci-fi or Wild West. Minis need to be presentable in painted condition for tabletop gaming demos. Budget highly flexible, multiple orders for quick turnaround times with expressive and well designed models. Please leave...
  2. EdgarKingmaker

    Artist Looking for Room Share AC2019

    33 y/o artist heading to AC alone this year. Looking for crash space among respectful furs. Can speak English and ASL. Preferred arrival Thursday, departure Monday. Also willing to throw in a badge or two. Questions?
  3. EdgarKingmaker

    Looking to Practice a Comic Book with a Horror Author

    I'm looking for: A horror author who's willing to write their story out as a comic book script. I'm looking for something to practice with. Maybe end up around ten pages, give or take. Blood, gore, NSFW is all fine. I certainly want to get back to bloodier and moodier themes, and I think this...
  4. EdgarKingmaker

    Sketch Pages - $30 Special

    Hey there! I'm offering sketch pages that will contain around 3 representations of your character! For a trial period, I'm offering them for $30 a piece! If interested, follow this link and fill out the simple form in the submission, then note it to me! www.furaffinity.net: Sketch Page Sale~...
  5. EdgarKingmaker

    Down to Fur The 'More 2018

    Looking for a Rideshade to and from my Chambersburg area of PA. I'm a light packer, and can offer fairly intelligent conversation. I'm also looking for a roomshare at Fur The 'More. Can pack sleeping needs as required... looking for the con days.
  6. EdgarKingmaker

    Trading Art for either X-Mas Art or Favor

    Hello! I'm looking to get something for my girlfriend! I'm looking for either an artist of similar calibre to draw something for me as an exchange... Or someone willing to commission another artist for art from me of similar price value. We share the same PayPal account, so she'd notice...
  7. EdgarKingmaker


    A raffle open to everyone with a character! I'm offering free colored sketches as a means to warm up and motivate myself. Otherwise, I'm also offering it so people who can't normally get art... totally can. The raffle is here: www.furaffinity.net: FREE SKETCHES! NEW WINNER DAILY! Theme...
  8. EdgarKingmaker


    An Easter-Themed nude pinup for "hunting eggs" (rawr!) Pose is made for a female, but herms could easily be used with female frames. Payment Method: PayPal Starting Bid: $10 USD Minimum Bid Increase: $2 USD Auto Purchase: $50 USD (Comes with 2 alternate outfit versions.) NSFW Nude Pin-Up...
  9. EdgarKingmaker

    Reference Sheets on Commission

    Hello there! I am Edgar Kingmaker, and I am open for Reference Sheets. My ref sheet prices are currently as follows: Each Full Body: $12 - Clothed, Barbie Nude, or NSFW Nude Each Expression: $6 - Any Facial Expression Each Detail: $5 - Zoomed In Section of the Body Color Ink Lines or Shade a...
  10. EdgarKingmaker

    YCH AUCTION! The Garden of the King

    In this image, we feature slots for up to three characters, all won with a singular bid! Two ladies hanging onto one buff, bare-chested man in a garden, soaking at the edge of a nice warm spa. This is open to anthropomorphic creatures of all species! However, the nudity of the auction makes...
  11. EdgarKingmaker

    [YCH] A Pair of NSFW Tentacular Auctions

    Like a summoning ritual gone wrong, the first of the two YCH auctions is featured primarily for female-framed bipedal anthro figures, (which includes most of us.) Starting bid at $15 USD, this one gives a view of some prime real-estate. Plus, the auto-buy figure at just $60 comes complete with...
  12. EdgarKingmaker

    Free Sketch Raffle! Winner Drawn Every Day!

    Exactly what it says on the tin! :D I'm drawing at least one free sketch every day, and posting a new lineup for the raffle every Sunday! So if you enter early on a Sunday, you'll be entered for 7 RNG winnings! So, if you're interested in some free stuff, come on down! Here's a few past...
  13. EdgarKingmaker

    Any Valentine's Day Trades?

    I'm looking to get a cute picture done of my girlfriend's new dragoness character, but I'm not exactly balling with money. I'm wondering if there are any artists out there up for a trade... or something. Lemme know, alright? You can check my gallery out on FA, of course. Userpage of...
  14. EdgarKingmaker

    NSFW Art Raffle!

    Bukake "unwrapped gift" theme raffle! Ends Christmas Eve! Like I said, NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: DECEMBER-LONG FREE YCH RAFFLE! by EdgarKingmaker Totally free though! All dicks welcome!
  15. EdgarKingmaker

    Free Art Raffle [ENDED]

    Yesterday I started a hard vore raffle! Bloody, so it's got a mature rating. If you'd like to be the victim of an ogre-sized komodo monitor, head on down! www.furaffinity.net: Free YCH - Eaten Alive~! by EdgarKingmaker
  16. EdgarKingmaker

    (NSFW) Sketch Page

    Hey! I feel like drawing up a sketch page of two characters bumping uglies. A male and female or female and female combo. Provide me some characters! I want someone not too complex in markings, but not too plain, either. I like thumbnails, please. Refs saved as pdfs are preferred. You can give...
  17. EdgarKingmaker

    ISO Detailed 3D Modeller

    Hello! As the title says, I'm searching for someone to model up 3D models of humanoid characters and non-humanoid monsters. These 3D models do not need to be colored, but need to be posed and detailed enough for a 3D printer. The characters and monsters created will be based on black and...