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  1. Joni

    Backscritches thread

    I'm a doggo I need backscritches, and maybe belly rubs. I want to spread awareness for all the doggos and other furry creatures out there, in need of backscritches. So I ping @ConorHyena to give me backscritches and I encourage others who want backscritches to ping people to give them...
  2. Joni

    Any furry youtubers here?

    Is there anyone making YouTube videos? Furry related or not. I have a furry channel where want to upload more videos in 2020 But another channel in german aswell. www.youtube.com: The Science Furry
  3. Joni

    Youtube channel promotion thread

    Who of you has a youtube channel? Maybe you started with one or want to start one. Feel free to post videos or links:D I have a German channel with a few subscribers aready and started an english one. But only the last video is relatively good.
  4. Joni

    Give me some alerts.

  5. Joni

    Last post panic

    OK CALM DOWN!!! @Unknownusa @_Ivory_ ok this is so useless, I'm bored XD
  6. Joni

    Last hug wins!

    Basically a copy of lpw. Just with hugs:p With the difference that you have to mention and hug another person. *hugs @Paolite *
  7. Joni

    Good morning thread

    Somewhere in the world is always morning. So when you wake up why don't you say good morning to the other furries here xD Maybe we can give each other some motivation to start the day.;)
  8. Joni

    Music in YouTube videos?

    Is music in a Youtube video good or just irritating?
  9. Joni

    Reading transistor datasheet.

    I want to experiment a little bit with this radio transmitter: makezine.com: Super Simple iPod FM Transmitter | Make: I want to change the LC resonator to get other frequencies, but the used Transistor (2n3904) but it should only work near 300 Mhz. The datasheet has no max. Frequency :/...
  10. Joni

    Some Moron is a furry.

    @Some Moron the furry is a furry. No discussion required.
  11. Joni

    Toast Thread

    I think number one it the right way;)
  12. Joni

    What time is it?

    I'm bored and I want to know in which time zone do you live. I get the most alerts in the night, so there must be a couple of hours difference between most of us. I live In Germany in the time zone GMT +2
  13. Joni

    Are you interested in science?

    I need topics for Youtube videos. What would interest you? I've already worked out some topics. basics of electronics: voltage, current, resistance multimeter tutorial electronical components: transistors/led's/ capacitors etc. some other stuff: free energy/ perpetuum mobiles and the law of...
  14. Joni

    I want to start a Youtube channel.

    I want to start a Youtube channel, but I don't have no idea about which topic I could make videos. I thought about making videos about basic electronics and stuff like that, because that's what I,m interested in. But I looked around and noticed that Youtube is already saturated with topics like...