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  1. Ash Sukea


    Someone posts a word. Next poster gives a definition that isn’t correct but sounds like it could be plausible to someone unfamiliar with the word. Then gives a word for the next person to define. IE: —————- Poster 1: Ambivalence. Poster 2: What the hospital sends instead of an ambulance when...
  2. Ash Sukea

    I have two bird species and a feathered’ Drake for unlmtd adoption

    All three of these species may be used by anyone to create a character. One is an Avian that needs a name The other is a Glaucous Crane Drake can be found here And here With information The characters are still mine, but if you like the species by all means please, you have my permission...
  3. Ash Sukea

    Continuous Predictive Text

    I’ll type half a sentence: Dragons pair best with a Next person continues it using predictive text: Dragons pair best with a black cat in a black shirt. Then takes the second half of the sentence: A black cat in a black shirt and the Next poster continues it with predictive text: A black...
  4. Ash Sukea

    I need to fine-tune my Gergreas. AMA species-wise

    Below is the link to the main image/ref sheet I have so far. A female. There’s some information in the description. Is there anything missing you’d like to see about them? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35938258/
  5. Ash Sukea

    A few naive questions...

    Okay, expecting stunned silence here, but here goes. 1. Typical life expectancy of a suit? 2. Do suit makers make feet that are built Up around a comfortable new pair of shoes? 3. Is it better to buy the top-end flagship model right off the bat or go with something inexpensive until you get...
  6. Ash Sukea

    Hiring: Not much else to do around here(Less than a grand please)

    Closed for decisions.... A choice has been contacted via FA notes, Awaiting confirmation.... Negotiating Costs.... Artist has been paid.... A male River Otter and Pregnant female Lynx -both Anthro- are romantically relaxing on a rocky beach, smiling at each other on some lost tropical island...
  7. Ash Sukea

    Belfry? You feeling okay?

    I have not been able to get any response from Belfry Webcomics for nearly four hours now. Anyone else? Anyone hear anything? https://new.belfrycomics.net/
  8. Ash Sukea

    Main Site ‘Find all by(username)’ option in Notes

    It would be helpful if one is in a slow conversation over the months and seasons with a client or artist to not have to hunt and search through all of the other notes to find something previously said. Perhaps some sort of search engine in there where the other’s name could be input and it pulls...
  9. Ash Sukea

    Bingo cards about ourselves

    Here’s a blank template Fill out the squares with facts about yourself (your likes, dislikes, or whatever you want to say about yourself) then others can say by marking it and reposting, or giving locations, which squares on your board they’re similar to as well. Center square can be a ‘Free...
  10. Ash Sukea

    Nvrmnd. Go on, move along now

    Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see.
  11. Ash Sukea

    Hiring: $100-600USD stone carving?

    Does anyone here work with stone? If so I am in the process of hopefully acquiring 4-6 pieces of rough lapis lazuli approx. 4” tall and 3-4” in width and depth. I’m looking for someone to sculpt at least one (others will be provided in case of errors) into a 2-4” tall seated Sekhmet. As seen...
  12. Ash Sukea

    A new alien race has joined Earth!

    (name of poster above you +ites or ans suffix) are a (Color of item to in front of you ), (nearest animal -real or image/figure- behind you)-like alien race known for (plural of nearest item to right) and (plural of nearest item to left). They are considered to be (end with predictive text.)...
  13. Ash Sukea

    Main Site Fyi on 520 and 500

    Getting 500 error when I try to view an image in my submissions folder . And 520 when I try to remove images in my submissions folder. Just thought I should mention it.
  14. Ash Sukea

    What’s your “I’d like to claim I was younger”?

    What’s something you said, thought or did that you’d like to blame on the folly of youth or inexperience? Not something from your childhood/elementary school days but, relatively more recently. First time I saw YCH I tried to pronounce it as a single word. Sounded like a cat with a hairball...
  15. Ash Sukea

    Forum Thread close request

    This little convention has run its course and I need you to ‘lock up behind me’ as it were https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/it’s-faux-fur-con-2020.1666672/ thank you.
  16. Ash Sukea

    Disease outbreak!

    Create a disease in which the symptoms are that people afflicted with it will take on the manner and appearance of the poster above you or their animal type. Next poster gives instructions as to what the infected are supposed to do or how to prevent infection. They then create a disease...
  17. Ash Sukea

    It’s Faux Fur Con 2020!

    [[FurAffinity Faux Fur Con is over!! Hope everyone has a safe trip home]]...((maybe see you next year?)) In light of all of the conventions being cancelled why not have a fake one right here! Finally a convention attended purely by a congruence of imaginations! Engage in wacky hijinks! Have...
  18. Ash Sukea

    Not actually serious idea about Fursuits, conventions and Covid19

    So, anyone figure out a way to have a hazmat suit inside of a fursuit yet?
  19. Ash Sukea

    Covid19 and your fursonas

    If you have more than one character. In the current pandemic which one would... Relish in the alone time. Have cabin fever before two days are gone. horde sanitizer and medicine. horde toilet paper. make care packages. See how many people they can infect.
  20. Ash Sukea

    Absurd ideas for characters

    A Zen Buddhist psychopath that uses and manipulates others into giving him nothing, then because he’s sadistic and believes that existence is suffering he tortures his victims by letting them continue on with their lives. Do you have any silly, irrational character ideas?