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  1. Hail-Purity

    How would I go about making hair like this?

    Hi everyone! So I'm making my first fursuit head! kemono style. Its going great so far but im a bit puzzled, my fursona is pretty monochrome with the big eye catcher being her rainbow hair and eyes, because of this i wanted to make a "wig" similar to what ive seen on these other kemono suits...
  2. Hail-Purity

    (Commission) Selling: Denki's coms (5+ USD)

    Hey guys, i'm bored as hell being quarantined and i'm starting to not feel well so because of this I'm doing a special price on my commissions, most of these are 50% off or more headshot: 5 USD simple colored doodle: 10 USD I need money to help stock up on food and other things so please...
  3. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Free sketches!

    offering free kemono styled sketches for my commission sheet like below: just post a reference, i work better with kemono or chibi styled characters
  4. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Hey again! *free art time*

    Do any of you remember me? I left for a while due to a sudden death that happened near a con i was (planning) on going to, but i was so emotionally drained I left for a long while, im back tho! I have a new tablet and i'm offering a few art freebies! Sketches like this: if you want it...
  5. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Working on some kemono-styled art pieces

    a sample here: though the one you get might be a little less clean, but hey its still free right just post refs below plox ;0;
  6. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Free art 2 electric boogaloo

    Offering free art again huhu doing sfw and nsfw just post refs and ill pick who ill do
  7. Hail-Purity

    (Commission) Selling: 10 dollar headshots!

    Hi! I'm offering headshots for 5-10 dollars, pixel art is 5 regular is 10 Examples: (final product will contain shading on request) Pixel Art: Regular: My FA: Userpage of PurityCat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My DA: Hail-Purity | DeviantArt
  8. Hail-Purity

    Anyone going to anthro northwest?

    Hi! sorry if theres already a thread for this but i was wondering if any furs were going to ANW! I just applied for a volunteer position a couple days ago since I live pretty close ^^
  9. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Free art since FA's down

    Ok so im working on a tamagotchi YCH because i really need to save up money for ANW But I someone to draw as an example! post your fursonas here and i may draw them to use as the example. I prefer cute/kemono styled fursonas but ill consider all. also my cramps are killing me
  10. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Doing a few requests

    hi! im back again after a long break lol i want to do some furry stuff to upload to my new da: Hail-Purity on DeviantArt male or female, doesnt matter to me (if you want nsfw just let me know and i might do some for ya if im feeling like it)
  11. Hail-Purity

    NSFW art to expand my portfolio

    these originally started out as YCH's but i got no interest from them so im just going to do them for free and hope it gives me some exposure, if you like how it comes out and want to give me a tip id be internally grateful Yes: Humans - Furries (including anthro pony) - Wings ect No: robots...
  12. Hail-Purity

    Help my art block!!

    Hi, im looking to draw some fursonas to get some practice before i work on a few coms. This might take a while due to my clip studio paint all of a sudden being very laggy and crashing often for apparently no reason :C just drop a ref below! im doing head shots similar to this...