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  1. Hail-Purity

    How would I go about making hair like this?

    thank you! ill try that, id love to try to make it detachable so i can make various colored wigs
  2. Hail-Purity

    Furries with aphantasia?

    I can't see anything in my mind at all! I thought I was weird for it but I guess its fairly common?
  3. Hail-Purity

    How would I go about making hair like this?

    Oh I love the style too im just not sure how it would work! Like is it just fur made into a wig? is it attached with a magnet or sewn on? its hard to find any info on fursuit hair
  4. Hail-Purity

    How would I go about making hair like this?

    Hi everyone! So I'm making my first fursuit head! kemono style. Its going great so far but im a bit puzzled, my fursona is pretty monochrome with the big eye catcher being her rainbow hair and eyes, because of this i wanted to make a "wig" similar to what ive seen on these other kemono suits...
  5. Hail-Purity

    (Commission) Selling: Denki's coms (5+ USD)

    heres a rainbow lutari drawing
  6. Hail-Purity

    (Commission) Selling: Denki's coms (5+ USD)

    Hey guys, i'm bored as hell being quarantined and i'm starting to not feel well so because of this I'm doing a special price on my commissions, most of these are 50% off or more headshot: 5 USD simple colored doodle: 10 USD I need money to help stock up on food and other things so please...
  7. Hail-Purity

    Hi everyone :>

  8. Hail-Purity

    Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?

    My fursona Raimei has pretty much all of the same stuff I do, besides being more out going and bombastic than I am, She has anxiety and thus jitters around quiet badly (is jumpy ect) her being a controller of lighting and thunder doesn't help her as she usually gets easily shocked.
  9. Hail-Purity

    Stupid adult content rules

    I mean...thats a pretty adult themed thing.
  10. Hail-Purity

    Fandom Experience

    Honestly very half/half for me, I've met some very lovely people in this fandom but as an artist theres also alot of entitled people that hound me for free stuff.
  11. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Free sketches!

    i always love drawing cats so
  12. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Free sketches!

    offering free kemono styled sketches for my commission sheet like below: just post a reference, i work better with kemono or chibi styled characters
  13. Hail-Purity

    show me pics of your fursona!

    here come dat boi
  14. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Free Sketches

    Consider my fursona?
  15. Hail-Purity

    Anyone else feeling lonely lately?

    i hardly have any fandom friends and constantly feel alone, it's tough but the anti-social part of me doesn't know how to make friends that easily
  16. Hail-Purity

    Free Art: Hey again! *free art time*

    here you go!! ivc never drawn a jackalope before so hope it looks ok