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  1. Huglust

    Long time artist & art scoper looking for some kind of community

    Hey! I think making a post in introductions was the best choice for this. Not new to the fandom but nobody knows me. I'm an artist from NW US who has been in the fandom for something like 8 years.. and has yet to make any friends or create any kind of network, or whatever. I'm still not super...
  2. Huglust

    Anyone else turn their drawings upside down to see if something looks good?

    I know it's really common in digital art to flip horizontally, and I've done that a lot, but turning a drawing upside down really seems bring everything out of it. I swear my eyes start to lie and deceive me when I'm drawing. I'll change something that seems off to something I think looks...
  3. Huglust

    Heart-wrenching love stories to make me hurt inside even more

    I just watched Beastars a few days ago and it triggered an explosion of emotions when that it reminded me of the first time I truly fell in love with someone I knew but couldn't have. I won't go into too much detail, but it was a very odd experience in that, just like Legoshi, I really really...
  4. Huglust

    Looking for good stories/comics (great writing)

    I just finished the entire season of Beastars in one night, bought the first volume of the manga, and now wondering what else is out there because I absolutely love great stories, hopefully involving anthro characters. I find it much easier to empathize with a character that's some kind of...
  5. Huglust

    Any Western Washington anthro artists near Port Orchard?

    I live right in downtown Port Orchard in Western Washington. If anyone is nearby and would like to meet up and be friends I'm down! I'm 26/yo, male, super chill and accepting of pretty much anyone! I also have some digital art stuff like a small tablet and a medium sized drawing monitor. Tons...
  6. Huglust

    Tracing real photos to help learn

    Since I started drawing years ago my skill has constantly been in flux. One day I'm drawing better than I ever have and loving every second, the next I'm drawing like I've never spent hundreds of hours practicing and studying. It's incredibly frustrating. One day I thought about tracing over my...
  7. Huglust

    Colors tinting toward base color in SAI?

    I've been playing with colors and learning however much I can but I recently noticed something that is confusing the hell out of me. If I pick a color like Brown(H 0:180 S:255 V:124) and I paint a spot at 100% opacity, density, and max pressure, then color sample it, the saturation and hue drop...