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  1. FluffyKuroko

    Hiring: (NSFW) Backside illustration, up to $45 (Closed)

    I need a pretty quick turnaround as an illustration and thumbnail pic for a story I'm writing. What I need: Doberman lady, plush/pudgy body type, piercings as you want to (more is better!). Bent over a desk. Preferably a view from behind, and if you can make her look like she's just had the...
  2. FluffyKuroko

    2 seeking space for Furfest

    Myself and a friend are looking for space at the Comfort Inn for MFF. Yes, the overflow hotel. They apparently have awesome breakfast. We're both quiet, not party animals, and not flaky about paying up our shares.
  3. FluffyKuroko

    Good day.

    It occurs to me that I should probably have joined the forums a long time ago. But yeah, here I be, don't mind the weirdness that's going to happen around me.