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  1. Gravey D. Train

    I started posting gaming videos on my YT

    I decided to post meme edit gameplay of War Thunder on my channel for fun. I thought I'd share with you all incase you'd find it entertaining. Here's my most recent upload:
  2. Gravey D. Train

    Robinhood Investing and Quarantine

    I bet you never expected this topic to pop up on a furry forum, but here we are X3 This pandemic has brought the stock market crashing, and it has since rebounded incredibly. I noticed that there was an influx of retail investors (Non-institutional investors like you and me) getting into the...
  3. Gravey D. Train

    Shows they should bring back or make a spin-off off.

    Some more episodes of Dog City would be cool, but without Jim Henderson, I don't think it'll be as good
  4. Gravey D. Train

    Bad pick up lines!

    Are you Icarus? Cause you're hot and I'm falling for you
  5. Gravey D. Train

    Horror Movies!

    The final scene creeped me out. It felt very real.
  6. Gravey D. Train

    Horror Movies!

    I'm not huge on horror because I feel like most of them are filled with cheap scares, but a good psychological horror is pleasant. I recently watched a film called Possum and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's about a failed puppeteer who returns to his childhood home and recons with his past abuse...
  7. Gravey D. Train

    Pet Lovers Thread

    Here's my goofy boy
  8. Gravey D. Train

    Can someone suggest me artists with unique styles?

    Not really furry, but Alphonse Mucha has a very romantic and distinct style that translates nicely. Here's an example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/13129990/
  9. Gravey D. Train

    Orangina furry commercials

    I've tried orangina before cause of the commercials. It's okay I guess. It tastes like a bitter orange juice that's made of the peel
  10. Gravey D. Train

    Vent Thread

    Outdated, but it sure does beat those ads and subscription fees. It's also good to have on hand for long roadtrips when youre driving through the middle of nowhere without a signal x.x
  11. Gravey D. Train

    Vent Thread

    That's what I've been told to do. Time to go back to the phonebook sized CD binders
  12. Gravey D. Train

    Vent Thread

    BRO! Google shut down Google Play Music for Youtube Music recently. This switch forced me to use Youtube's platform for my music, but that isn't the worst part. After listening to some of the albums I've paid full price for before the switch, I discovered that I'm getting commercials every...
  13. Gravey D. Train

    If an artist could teach you something, what would it be?

    If you're an aspiring artist, or an artist looking for improvement, and you had the opportunity to be taught something from a professional artist, what would you want them to teach you and why?
  14. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    I'll have to give those anime's a look over then! ^^
  15. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    I've tried candy in vodka when I used to drink, but not any type of butter candy. It was mostly jolly ranchers, skittles, and gummies
  16. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    I just never joined because I'm not big on the forum scene, but everyone in my generation is talking about forums and stuff, so I thought that I mgiht as well join a forum for something I care about XD
  17. Gravey D. Train

    Did not think it would post here. I wrote that in my profile settings XD

    Did not think it would post here. I wrote that in my profile settings XD
  18. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    I honestly don't watch anime that often, but I do watch it every now and again if it's something interesting. In highschool, my thing was Hetalia and now, my favorite series is Space Dandy!
  19. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    I know what you mean. I don't make much coffee at home because I tend to always over estimate how much I make even if I try to underestimate it. I always imagine getting a French Press when I'm a lot more successful with those long, easy mornings XD
  20. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    I just might have to start one!