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  1. FurryGuardian816

    Court System

    I'd love to have this in place, because I'm tired of people abusing the block system. Blocking should be for more serious matters, like harassment and death threats, not for small things like unauthorized art submissions. I see way too many people abuse the system this way. One infraction of...
  2. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site OC Registry

    You know, it would be grand to have a page to see all the OC's made, who they belong to, and what guidelines they have. Like Ask the author, creative commons, etc. I'd love to know the guidelines firsthand, especially due to the heartaches I had in August 2019 (I'd explain, but, even though...
  3. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site Submission Navigator

    This would be nice to have, but FA needs to have next & previous buttons when viewing art, the way Deviantart does.
  4. FurryGuardian816

    Creative Commons OCs

    I'm an artist who has leaned towards the creative commons, and the OC's I create are in this category. You are free to use them as long as you credit me as their creator. Artwork Gallery for Noah888 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site Groups

    This may be a bit far-fetched at the current time, but it would be grand to have groups on FurAffinity much like DeviantArt has. It would give users a foreground solution to discover art & artists as opposed to just using accounts & favorites.
  6. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site A few suggestions

    User-suggested tags This is a feature that Inkbunny has and I think it'll help artists here on FA, too. User additions to the category list I think this would be a great addition. Of course, new additions would have to be reviewed by site staff to prevent spam. Share posts to Twitter Again...
  7. FurryGuardian816

    The Astonishing Company [3D Requests]

    Has anyone ever heard of The Astonishing Company? The ACee It's a website with affordable 3D model requests (Most are at $250). They have pre-made ones from Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, etc. Examples include: Callie Briggs, Betty Rubble, Sharon Marsh, Dexter's Mom, Homer Simpson, Summer...
  8. FurryGuardian816

    My latest media excavation

    So I was surfing Youtube and just happened to run across some old & possibly forgotten media. Club Kiddoo: Dingo Dog & The Kangaroo: Monster Farm (Saban): The Mouse On The Mayflower: The Secret Files Of The Spy Dogs: