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  1. DoeDog

    Show me hidden gems with little following, anything under 1K

    As part of a recent conversation at another thread, there are so many under appreciated artists, why? who knows, but we all know one of those, it's a mystery but for some reason people interact little to nothing with them even though they put out quality or interesting work and they been around...
  2. DoeDog

    2017-18 and recent stuff. Feel free to ask whatever.

    I want to share some of my sketches here just for fun, hope you like them. Also I hope to be able to add more as the year goes on. Feel free to ask whatever you want, and I'll try to answer the best I can. *edit I forgot to add my FA page in case you wan to see other stuff I have there...
  3. DoeDog

    Do you get together with friends to practice or learn new things? (feeling disappointed)

    Like the title says, do you get together with friends to practice your art? Or is it always a solo mission? In my case I'm always flying solo, I love the company but no one is available ever :c I tried picarto but I am a little too "ADD" and slow to keep it interesting plus i am unknown lol :v...
  4. DoeDog

    Long time lurker, but finally here.

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around for quite some time but never joined until now. I am a comic book artist, I do concept art as well and currently I am working as colorist for Angry Viking Press on Extinctioners and pencils/ink/color on a spin off of Andorozon. Any questions or...