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  1. Gravey D. Train

    I started posting gaming videos on my YT

    I decided to post meme edit gameplay of War Thunder on my channel for fun. I thought I'd share with you all incase you'd find it entertaining. Here's my most recent upload:
  2. Gravey D. Train

    Robinhood Investing and Quarantine

    I bet you never expected this topic to pop up on a furry forum, but here we are X3 This pandemic has brought the stock market crashing, and it has since rebounded incredibly. I noticed that there was an influx of retail investors (Non-institutional investors like you and me) getting into the...
  3. Gravey D. Train

    If an artist could teach you something, what would it be?

    If you're an aspiring artist, or an artist looking for improvement, and you had the opportunity to be taught something from a professional artist, what would you want them to teach you and why?
  4. Gravey D. Train

    New To The Forum Scene

    Hey, hi! ^^ My name is Gravey, and this is the first forum I have ever joined. I've been in the fandom for a good handful of years now (atleast 7) as an artist, but never joined the forums because I just didn't know a lot about how forums worked.