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  1. Ember_Kamura

    Ember Kamura's Art Thread!

    Well, title is self-explanatory. I'll be uploading some of my more recent work and maybe some WIP drawings. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39038413/ For now, do enjoy this image of a Kanova Augmented Security Guard from my sci-fi setting, Kanova. Which is part of my wolvan empire setting as a...
  2. Ember_Kamura

    Project Warblade Chapter Updates!

    Ah, greetings everyone! I've managed to get some updates done to my series, Project Warblade that takes place in my wolvan empire setting. It essentially involves my OC, vincent, as he is created within the depths of a Darkwolf Biological Research Lab. The story has been up for a while now, and...
  3. Ember_Kamura

    Ember's 3D model thread!

    Ah! Hello everyone! I'll be uploading a model for my game, Project Southpaw. This is merely a model of one of the enemies that the player will encounter in the game, though I can also say that it probably qualifies as a form of 3D model art. I know that the model is indeed missing it's arms...
  4. Ember_Kamura


    Greetings! I am Ember, some of you may even recognize me from furaffinity. I'm a writer whom has been in the fandom for quite a while now, and I've recently been improving on some of my art. I'll probably be pretty active here in the coming days, as I have quite a few works to showcase here and...
  5. Ember_Kamura

    Intrest gauge for setting.

    Ah, hello everyone, This is my first post here and I'm not sure where to put this, so feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place. As of recent I've been trying to work on some kind of hypnosis/latex cybernetic/sci-fi setting for FA. I kind of wish to make myself an audience with my writing...