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  1. BluuLeoppard

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Plazma - Auction - OPEN!

    To bid on this design, visit the following link - Plazma - Auction - OPEN! Hello everyone. :D Here I am, back with more unusual creatures 'n designs. x'DD This girl over here, actually took a lot more time to make than I expected. Welp. But hopefully, and I think it is, worth it. ^^ Enjoy...
  2. BluuLeoppard

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Wild Leopards - 1 / 6 OPEN!

    To claim please visit this page: Wild Leopards - 1 / 6 OPEN! 'Aye, guys! Hope you had a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I didn't think I'd make more adoptable before the end of 2020, but here I am. xD The time has come to make the creatures that my username is known for -...
  3. BluuLeoppard

    Glowing Predator (OPEN)

    Hello, everyone! I'm really hoping to sell this girl, and I hope she gets a nice home and owner to be with! ^^ This is one of my first auctions (third technically). After purchase, it's ALL YOURS (Also, I got no clue how to re-size the image, help me! XD) Bid here: www.furaffinity.net...