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  1. Lobie5

    Cute Fursuit Thread!

    wasn't sure 'till i looked at the filename, but i believe their name is Sandoz the Megatherium. :D
  2. Lobie5

    Little things you like?

  3. Lobie5

    Cute Fursuit Thread!

    I don't know what it is about pink and blue palettes, but they just make me feel all fuzzy inside. Plus it's a lil elephant. :D
  4. Lobie5

    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    I'm sad. I was hopin' to be able to go to some kind of furry gathering this year, but my parents said we shouldn't even leave the house for a while. It's probably for the best, but oof. :(
  5. Lobie5

    Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?

    Mine's got autism, like me. :D
  6. Lobie5

    Fabric as substitute for fur?

    So I'm thinking about making another costume soon, and I was wondering—would I be able to use fabric instead of fur? Since it's a cosplay of a robot character, he wouldn't really have fur, but I'm alright with him looking a little soft. So, I've been thinking about shopping around for some...
  7. Lobie5

    aww, thank you! :D

    aww, thank you! :D
  8. Lobie5

    Yum or Yuck

    Yum! Roasted seaweed?
  9. Lobie5

    Dumb Superpowers

    The power to spot cool-looking rocks amidst regular-looking rocks.
  10. Lobie5

    My First fursuit making begins, is it even possible?

    I know how ya feel. My fursona has these massive, round cheeks that I wasn't quite sure how to make, and I'm not entirely happy with how they came out on my base. I'll just have to keep experimenting with techniques. I wish there were more in-depth tutorials about cheek-carving, though. If...
  11. Lobie5

    Interesting facts that no one needed to know

    Hamsters blink one eye at a time.
  12. Lobie5

    Fursuit cross dressing?

    I don't think having a particular build or having specific mannerisms is too necessary, unless you're completely set on a hyperfeminine, supermodel look. In my opinion, big masculine chicks are totally awesome. :D Either way, there's nothing wrong with it and I wish you luck. I'm a woman, but my...
  13. Lobie5

    Is your fursona a subspecies ?

    I'm a Fairy penguin (aka a Little Blue penguin). They're native to Australia and New Zealand. :D
  14. Lobie5

    Compliment the user above you!

    leather fashion? now you're ten times cooler! :D
  15. Lobie5

    Open Chat

    the luxury shag fur i was supposed to buy for my fursuit just went out of stock, and i'm lowkey freakin' out. i was hopin' to get it before my birthday, but oof. :(
  16. Lobie5

    I love animating, but I lost my drive for it. Help?

    Oh, absolutely!! The right kind of music can help me stay focused way easier. I've also noticed it helps me keep track of time. I've got this one playlist of vaporwave music that lasts about 30 minutes, so when the playlist ends, I know to get up and take a short break.
  17. Lobie5

    I love animating, but I lost my drive for it. Help?

    You're totally right, actually. My mental health has kinda been up and down recently. Some days, I feel totally fine. The next day it's ENDLESS ANXIETY. Here's hoping we both get ourselves sorted out soon. ^^;
  18. Lobie5

    Q and A for my characters

    Are you a ghost? How did you die?
  19. Lobie5

    Does anyone else have had crush on Cat in the Hat? On other Dr. Seuss' characters? ^^'

    Not me personally, but I've seen somebody have the hots for Jim Carrey's Grinch. Oh yeah, and people went nuts for the Onceler back in 2012. XD Those drawings are awesome, by the way. You've captured Dr. Seuss's style perfectly! :D