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  1. harvestmoon66

    Story suggestions!

    Hi! I would love to read your works ^^ I can do here but usually prefer something like ao3 or wattpad. I need some lgbt, disability friendly, young adult, or fantasy or romance. Maybe it'll help inspire me! (I want to write a original story) it can have some sexual themes as long as it's mostly...
  2. harvestmoon66

    Looking for friends

    Just a nerd with depression and autism. I like anime, manga, reading, and writing. Pokemon fanfics to. I'm just in a slight slump. I'm Heather btw. wish you all the best. My fandoms are my little pony, Harry Potter, Steven universe, Pokemon, neopets, and gravity falls. I like you I love young...
  3. harvestmoon66

    Any neopets players?

    Hi! Does anyone still like this to? I’m also into writing, manga, Pokémon, and reading
  4. harvestmoon66

    Looking for a writing or reading friend!

    Hi! I’m into Pokémon, fanfics, manga, young adult, and writing. Would anyone who’s 18 or older like to talk?
  5. harvestmoon66

    New and confused

    Hi! :3 I’m not sure how to operate these forums yet. I wish there was a app to. But it’s all good. I’m Heather but you can call me purple. I like anime, manga, reading, writing, poetry, and Pokémon. I’m into fanfiction to. My fursona is a wolf called Silver Rain. I’m more comfortable with people...