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  1. Kitsune633

    (Commission) Selling: $25 USD wing it 8000-word stories

    Specializing mostly in firefights/shootouts but also specializing in swordfights, treasure hunts, and vehicle combat. I prefer original characters and not fandom characters unless I am aware of said fandom. There is no preview but the final one to be approved. Send me a message if you're...
  2. Kitsune633

    Free art raffle at 10 viewers

    Aeva - Picarto
  3. Kitsune633

    Free Art Raffle Stream

    DriftingDragon - Picarto
  4. Kitsune633

    Driting Dragon Art Raffle Stream-More viewers more chances to win

    DriftingDragon - Picarto
  5. Kitsune633

    Driting Dragon Art Raffle Stream-More viewers more chances to win

    DriftingDragon - Picarto The more viewers we get, the better the prizes, including a fully shaded pic. So come on in.
  6. Kitsune633

    Free Art Raffle Stream

    Maevaisai - Picarto
  7. Kitsune633

    Hiring: Looking for hourly sketch streams $12/hr rate max

    Looking for an artist to do a private stream for me and a few friends. I am looking for someone who can do both SFW and NSFW situations and can do two characters max. Examples are provided here.
  8. Kitsune633

    Looking for Hourly Streaming Artists ($12/hr or less)

    While it may seem strange, I am currently looking for artists who can stream by the hour, whether it can be done privately or publically. I am interested in the hourly rates that you, the artist are willing to do. Requirements: Be able to stream on Picarto Draw a multitude of species and...
  9. Kitsune633

    Need some art $5 and up

    Hello. I am looking for artists who can draw my characters whether it be sketches or colored, it won't matter. I have two sets of requirements for this. 1. Able to draw firearms. 2. Roundabout time has to be quick 3. Livestreaming on picarto if possible. Thank you for your attention.
  10. Kitsune633

    Looking for character art ($20 USD Budget)

    Hello there artists who browse this forum, I have some spare money I received for a service that has been paid for and I'd like to see if anyone's interested in drawing what I have in mind. I am seeking for sketches/lineart (Colored or uncolored), bikini pinups with some of my female...
  11. Kitsune633

    How to make a imitation brick wall with plaster and paint it.

    https://youtu.be/qMOmZvE5ERA This video is in Spanish, so if you're a Spanish speaker or learner, this video is for you.
  12. Kitsune633

    Heraldry Request

    Salutations to all artists who are reading this. I am posting this request for a single piece of heraldry, nothing too complex. What I am looking for for is this: A phoenix/and or Roc (mythical bird) and two crossed swords...
  13. Kitsune633

    VDK, Writer for Hire

    Hello! And welcome to my action story writing commissions. In this document you shall find the information if interested in commissioning me. As the title of the document says, I mainly focus on action stories. What action stories? Shootouts/Firefights Treasure Hunting Dogfights...
  14. Kitsune633


    Hello there all. I'm Kitsune633, I have hanged out in the main site for a few years and I never bothered to check this place out. A pleasure to meet you all.
  15. Kitsune633

    Looking for a artist to sketch one my characters.

    Hello there forums. I am currently seeking to hire an artist to draw one of my characters from a story. As mentioned above, I am looking for a sketch. Nothing fancy or flashy, a simple sketch will do. I also ask if any of of you feel comfortable drawing firearms since he does carry a few of...