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  1. Kit the fox

    My first furry art! >:3

    So, it took like 30 minutes but I made my first furry art! Please tell me if you like it :3 (Also I am not commissioning don't ask or steal plagiarism is wrong)
  2. Kit the fox

    Being therian..

    Bruh I just purred.. I'm not even kidding.. I did it without even know it... Do foxes pur..? But, like just today my mom told me to do the laundry and I whined like a dog subconsciously then I turned it into a tune because I didn't want my parents to know I'm a furry (or a therian). It's its...
  3. Kit the fox

    Time travel and conspiracy

    I mean I'm doing this mostly as a joke so please don't delete or report this thread.. So, what if the "Nazca Lines" were created by newer technology and the government time traveled to the past and gave the Nazca people helicopters and junk so America could be more technologically advanced. Or...
  4. Kit the fox

    I need advice

    Well...I just found out I'm therian... Oof. I mean, like I haven't told my family I'm a furry yet and now I have another large burden to hold back! How should I break the news to my family
  5. Kit the fox

    Post furry memes here owo

    Do what the title says folks! :>
  6. Kit the fox

    PART TWO of Kit's story

    Kit walked home, slowly with his backpack in his mouth, his teeth digging into the cloth bag. 'I wish I wasn't like this.. ' kit thought. 'I wish I was anthro..' Then a clap of thunder lit the sky aflame. Kit, in terror, dropped his bag and slowly backed away. Wind was howling and screaming past...
  7. Kit the fox

    A story of adventure..

    Once upon a time, in a totally different dimension then ours, lived anthropic animals. This was normal here, for this was an alternative dimension. But, there, in the forests of anthrovill, lived kit. Kit was the only non anthropic animal. Everybody laughed at him as he walked by his school on...
  8. Kit the fox

    What is your connection with your fursona?

    I know, for one, my connection with my fursona is very weird... I talk to him, he cheers me up when I'm down, and he takes over and does funny things (I'm not a crazy person just a crazy furry :3) So, what is your relationship with your fursona, I don't mean like mine. I mean like how has your...
  9. Kit the fox

    My thoughts on Undertale...

    This game is my favorite! It is swarming with anthros! Undyne, Alphys, Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, (does muffet count? Can a spider be a fursona?) etc. It is an indie game.. But its a dang good one folks! What are your thoughts on this game?
  10. Kit the fox

    My thoughts on furry conventions...

    So, I used to go to comicon. And it was AMAZING! (Curse you, 2020, for shutting it down this year!) I loved being able to see people as completely immerse in Minecraft as I was (btw this was before I became a furry, I became furry this year). I don't remember seeing any furrys but now I do know...
  11. Kit the fox

    Ok, now lets be serious...

    All joke aside, I am a proud furry, but, I've been hiding it.. Nobody but you guys know I'm a true furry. I used to think fursuiters were weird, but then I realized I was a TRUE furry and stopped thinking differently about different people who had different beliefs. I don't hate Catholics or...
  12. Kit the fox

    Am i otherkin?

    Well I was told I am otherkin (to have an animal soul) what do you think? Here is some info so you can figure it out: I want to be a fox, If I were my fursona I would not stand on my hind legs, Sometimes I call my hands paws, I like realistic quadsuits, ~creepy bit~ I can talk to my fursona
  13. Kit the fox

    Wha't do you call a furry who likes quadsuits and wants to be an animal?

    I do like quadsuits and I REALLY want to be a fox! What am I? I really want to know!
  14. Kit the fox

    Are you a dog or cat person?

    Please answer the poll n-n
  15. Kit the fox

    How did you guys become furrys?

    It may sound weird to ask, but I think your stories are interesting so please tell me how you became a furry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MY STORY So...