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  1. MosquitoBeest

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Number of adopts up for resale

    I have a few adopts I'm reselling, doing some fall cleaning: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39214026/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39213925/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39213822/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39184740/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39214269/
  2. MosquitoBeest

    Hiring: (ARTIST FOUND) Beach-themed fullbody w/minimal background ($100-200 budget)

    So since this weekend is the start of summer I'm looking for a fullbody of my dobie girl, specifically beach/swimsuit themed (SFW). Not pin-up style though, something just relaxed and chill. All of her info, including refsheet, is here - Artwork Gallery for MosquitoBeest -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  3. MosquitoBeest

    Recommend some Sci-Fi!

    I am currently waiting on a ref sheet for a character that I want to create a world and stories around and it's a bionic humanoid created by an ancient and long-gone alien race, so I'm hoping to rack up some good sci-fi reads to help me venture into the genre! Anything that takes good care with...
  4. MosquitoBeest

    Favorite Disney Animal Movies

    So if you're like me you signed up for Disney+ immediately and have begun to watch your faves one by one... What are your favorite animal-centric Disney movies?? For me one of my faves is Oliver & Company (that I'm watching right now).
  5. MosquitoBeest

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 3 Characters ($10, $25, $50)

    So I figured I would revamp this post with added characters and less thread filler. Bought all three as adopts some time ago and I don't see myself using them. If you're interested send me a message! First is still the straggler from before, the mothboy. Still up for $10. Comes with additional...
  6. MosquitoBeest

    Looking for casual, character personality & relationship building RP

    So I have a few characters that I've been working on making bios for and would like to try out one or more with RP. I've been RPing online for years and this would happen over Discord. I'm not looking for any particular idea or anything, just a way to flesh out my characters and get to writing...
  7. MosquitoBeest

    Characters that are NOT your sona!

    So with my sona, like a lot of other people's I'm sure, they are just me in anthro form. No detailed backstory or character sheet, just a representation of self (why I barely answer any of the sona related questions in Fursona Discussion even though I want to - I'd use one of the below...
  8. MosquitoBeest

    Main Site Making Character Folders

    I've noticed that, since FA doesn't have the option of making subfolders in favorites, people re-upload art that they have of their sona done by other artists into their own gallery and credit them. Is this the norm? I want to have a separate folder for art of my sona and other characters, but...
  9. MosquitoBeest

    Tattoos, anyone?

    I haven't seen a thread like this so I figured I'd make one! I got my first tattoo two years ago after much thought on which one off of my list of "to gets" I wanted to get first. So my first is Titan!Eren from Attack on Titan with: Black eyed Susan - justice Aster - love and patience...
  10. MosquitoBeest

    Favorite Animated Animal-centric Movies

    Because we all have a few, right?? My top 5 in no particular order: Balto All Dogs Go to Heaven Oliver & Company Lady & the Tramp The Lion King
  11. MosquitoBeest

    Something 'Gnu'

    Forgive my pun, but my sona is finished and thought I would share her! Done by the totally amazing Juden www.furaffinity.net: Wildebeest - ref sheet by Juden Age: 29 Sex: Female Species: Golden wildebeest (Google image search them, they are beautiful) Height: 5'0" (specifically 4'11 3/4" but...
  12. MosquitoBeest

    -New Challenger alert siren-

    Heyllo! Name's Jennifer and I'm a 29 year-old born & raised Jersey girl (our cryptid is best cryptid) replanted in Pennsylvania. I first got into anthro art years ago on DA but only recently did I start to see a friend of mine on Twitter post art of their sona which got me thinking "what animal...