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  1. Kimjoy

    An active furry Stitch community exists in 2021

    This probably won't mean much to most of you but for all you furry Disney fans who grew up in the early 00s, if you've been craving an active Lilo & Stitch community of furries that make OCs, experiment-sonas, fan fiction, roleplaying, commission plushes, make AMVs, have experiment...
  2. Kimjoy

    Any furry Disney fans looking for a friend?

    I'm looking for some more furry friends, especially any that are into things like Disney, cartoons, animation, etc.
  3. Kimjoy

    Copyrighting a Fursona

    Not see why you would want to for a fursona but for an actual well thought out character then I guess yeah but I have yet to see one worthy of that.
  4. Kimjoy

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    Well Kimjoy is a cheat for the game Digimon Rumble Arena on the original Playstation but I wouldn't say it's my "Furry Name" it's just an awesome username. I do have a furry character that is pretty much a fursona when I think of it and her name is Kori. I wanted a short, simple and uncommon...
  5. Kimjoy


    Super Fat Furry art and Human like hair on head. Just not my thing, extremely fat art is just annoying and surprisingly really common and human like hairstyles or even hair on the top of the head is just kind of dumb for some reason. Unless the hair is the same color as the fur and looks natural...
  6. Kimjoy

    Cool looking game inspired by Banjo Kazooie and Jak & Daxter

    There's a game that needs help getting donations and it looks pretty epic. I love the character designs, what do you guys think? Link to the Campaign
  7. Kimjoy

    Furry animated series

    This is the closest thing I could find to a furry animated series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q51XUSJtfGA
  8. Kimjoy

    Can you be a furry with no fursona?

    This is how I view furries. I guess everyone has their own views and opinions.
  9. Kimjoy

    I just found out Tailmon is another name for Gatomon :o

    I just found out Tailmon is another name for Gatomon :o
  10. Kimjoy

    Who was your first furry character crush?

    Bijou from Hamtaro :3
  11. Kimjoy

    Can you be a furry with no fursona?

    I'm a furry without a fursona but I don't consider myself a true furry. True furries have fursonas regular furries just find anthropomorphic animals awesome.
  12. Kimjoy

    Clothing and accessories with anthros and non-anthros?

    Yeah but it didn't really have a hair style with the fur so that's why I changed it.
  13. Kimjoy

    Would anthro birds be able to fly like RL birds can?

    Not really, it wouldn't seem right. I see bird anthros as like Falco Lombardi or somthing so no.
  14. Kimjoy

    Clothing and accessories with anthros and non-anthros?

    As long as it's feathers I'm Okay, Hairstyles on furries with well fur are okay as long as it's their actual fur like same color and it looks natural. Good examples would be Krystal (Star fox Assault), Knuckles, and Sergals. I dont know why I don't like human like hair on anthros/furries but to...
  15. Kimjoy

    Any Other Furries Suffer from Social Anxiety?

    Yeah I do and it sucks but I'm getting better now that I have a job. I'm just so lonely though :( I wish I could find someone with SA in person, maybe even have a relationship with one, who likes furry stuff and video games. I'd just die of happiness and my SA would be cured :grin:
  16. Kimjoy

    Clothing and accessories with anthros and non-anthros?

    I personally don't like hair on anthros like a hairstyle with human like hair on their head. If it's their fur in some kind of style on their head that's fine as long as it doesn't look to similar to human hairstyles. As for clothes and accessories it's all good.
  17. Kimjoy

    Pokémon furs. does a certain Pokémon attract you?

    Pikachu, Shaymin sky, and Chikorita I guess? To be honest I find that there are more attractive Digimon than Pokemon due to most being too feral. For those that think it's wrong I do imagine myself as a pokemon/digimon when I have this... fetish. Just imagine you right now with an anthro as a...
  18. Kimjoy

    What causes people to be furries?

    Growing up I've always liked anthos in shows, movies, and games and always pictured myself as an animal or me in the show being one of them. I've also always liked the animal characters best like Chopper from one piece. Also you can't go wrong with the NSFW stuff :P
  19. Kimjoy

    Why are we attracted to furries?

    I honestly don't get the people here that hate on us "horny" furry fans. I too find most furry porn more attractive than real life porn. It's the same thing if you were in an anime fansite and someone liked Hentai. If it's their thing then hey that's them. I never would have imagined a PG rated...