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  1. Geowlett

    Hiring: ($5+) LF low budget icons!

    I can spend up to $15 so I'm looking for an icon of this girl to use as a pfp PayPal only please
  2. Geowlett

    Request: Draw my cow?

    Looking for art of this boy! Can be sfw or nsfw. Gore is fine. His TH has a nude ref to see markings better but it is nsfw so warning for that
  3. Geowlett

    Hiring: ($75+) Looking for Pokesona design

    I recently made a design that I'm not 100% happy with. I want her to stay as a shiny zigzagoon but I would like her to have an outfit and accessories as well. I also want her to have actual paw hands vs just paws. I would also like her to have a more unique design. For the outfit I want...
  4. Geowlett

    Request: Line my sketch?

    Would anyone be willing to line my Galarian Zigzagoon character I'm making (and give her hands because I can't draw hands to save my life) Feel free to make changes to the sketch if anything doesn't look anatomically correct ^^; Lots of hugs and cookies to whoever fills my request!!!
  5. Geowlett

    Request: Looking for Ringing Bell Designs

    For those who don't know, Ringing Bell is a 1970's children's film that follows a young lamb named Chirin. Movie spoilers below I would like my own Ringing Bell OCs to form an RP with. I want a wolf and/or a sheep. I would like the OCs to be female. I would like feral designs but if you...
  6. Geowlett

    Request: Anyone wanna draw a bat?

    Art by MavrykCompany Just got this beautiful babe and would love to get more art of them, they can be drawn any gender but would prefer them to be drawn more busty if drawn female. Also willing to do art trades! Examples can be found here
  7. Geowlett

    Request: My innocent kitsune needs some corruption

    My kitsune girl is innocent and only has one ref of her anthro form. Corrupt her. I want some naughty or murderous art of her. (Nsfw and/or Gore) Any and all art is welcomed! She can be drawn solo or with your oc, can be drawn shaven or unshaven, please draw her with larger breasts. Note...
  8. Geowlett

    Art Trade: Looking to do some art trades!

    Looking to get some anthro art of my kitsune girl. I'm offering art in exchange! Please note I can only draw female characters! Here is my most recent artwork
  9. Geowlett

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5 Fullbodies

    Trying to get some extra muns to buy my dream design. I am doing $5 USD unshaded fullbodies (+$2 for shading) Payment will be accepted once I have sent the sketch and it's been modified until satisfied. (Tips are very much appreciated as I'm trying to get the last $70 to pay for the character)...
  10. Geowlett

    Request: Comfort Art?

    Currently dealing with some personal issues stacked on more issues and looking for some comfort art of my girl here. Maybe some art of her crying or hugging a pillow... Or both... Or even your character giving her a hug (Art credit to Knivese on chickensmoothie)
  11. Geowlett

    Request: Vent OC?

    I want to have a character of my own to draw when I need to vent. My main sonas are all bright and cheerful I need something with a less peppy design. Something I can draw when I'm depressed, angry, lonely, etc. I've been wanting to do some vent art but I've been at a loss of who to create art...
  12. Geowlett

    Request: Draw my human?

    Sooo I spent a lot of money on a character. Due to being such a large payment my bank decided !fraud! and blocked Paypal. So I currently cannot get any commissions of her til I talk to my bank. But I decided I would post her here if anyone wanted to draw her? I know having a human on furaffinty...
  13. Geowlett

    Request: Draw my dragon?

    She is a shapeshifter and can literally be drawn as anything or just as herself! (Art below by LordAstria on TH)
  14. Geowlett

    Art Trade: Draw my new beauty?

    Looking to do art trades! Note I'm better at feral than anthro but I'll try my best! My character: Marina on Toyhouse Examples of my art: Enoki by Geowlett on DeviantArt Sparx and Toxic by Geowlett on DeviantArt
  15. Geowlett

    Request: Help with lineart?

    I want to create a new character but I'm very bad at fullbody human shapes. I was wondering if someone would be willing to redraw this as a base for me to color? She is supposed to be a chubby sheep with a bo-peep type dress on (and she is supposed to have hands)
  16. Geowlett

    Request: Wanna draw my beastars gazelle?

    Just had my gazelle girl Amber turned into a beastars character and was hoping to get some more art in her new fandom form! Amber on Toyhouse < here are her current refs ♥ Any and all drawings are very appreciated!
  17. Geowlett

    Request: Dino redesign?

    I drew and colored a dinosaur character but tbh I hate how the design came out. I want to keep the colors similar but I really want a different design I just dont know how I want to design it. Any help is appreciated! (Note: she is a carnotaur)
  18. Geowlett

    Hiring: Buying $10 in Discord Emotes

    I am looking to commission someone for discord emotes, I would like to buy $10 USD worth for now but may commission more in the future. I want a combilation of SFW and NSFW with the NSFW being very mild. Stellar on Toyhouse This is the character I wanting to buy emotes of. If interested please...
  19. Geowlett

    Teach me how to rp? [discord]

    So I'm not great at roleplaying and I was hoping someone would roleplay with me and give me some pointers along the way to help me become better and more rp-literate? LMK if youre interested in helping me and gimme your tag (mine has an emote in it and cant be searched up) My characters of...
  20. Geowlett

    (Commission) Selling: $5-$10 Feral Art

    Looking to do some art! Please fill out the form below to commission! Only doing feral SFW for the time being. Payment must be sent after I send the sketch. USD only. Note: I will respond faster via email - geowlett@gmail.com Half body (Lineless) - $5 Fullbody (Lineless) - $8 Fullbody...