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  1. Bxb777

    Art Trade: (NSFW) Looking for doing a nsfw art trade.

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to do something NSFW art trades! I'm open to do 3 slots. Once all three slots are taken, I'll close my thread. Here's examples of my art! What I can't do -diaper -inflation -scat -gore I basically I can do anything. I might have missed so things but if you're...
  2. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: 5-20$ digital art! (Sfw)

    Hello there! I'm an artist that is still practicing my art! I currently do both lined and lineless stuff! Lined Artwork Lined headshot: 5$ Lined halfbody: 10$ Lined fullbody: 15$ Lineless Artwork Lineless headshot: 10$ Lineless halfbody: 15$ Lineless fullbody: 20$ Feel free to message me on...
  3. Bxb777

    Sketchbook: Pokemon Drawing Suggestions

    I'm currently drawing rule 63 pokemon as practice and just something I want to do when I have no art that is due. I currently did these so far, and I'm looking for some suggestions on some peeps on what I should do next uwu. (I messed up on the legs on the last one;^;.)
  4. Bxb777

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  5. Bxb777

    Anyone else feeling lonely lately?

    Over the past seven days I have been grounded from using group chats like Telegram and Discord because I did something that I really regret. Those two places where my two main sources of communication in the furry fandom and now I have taken Refuge to FA for the Time being. Even though there's...
  6. Bxb777

    Making a skunkgirl

    Hello everyone! Over the past few months, I always promised myself on making a skunk girl character. I have been getting distracted a lot and I never really got the time to actually draw her. The reason why I want to make one is because I always imagined my Skunk OC, Marcus, is a lonely boy...
  7. Bxb777

    Critique: I need some critiques on my recent art

    Heya! I have been doing art for 3-4 years by now, and I have been trying to improve myself as an artist like always. Recently (past few months) I've felt like my art progression has been slowed down, s recently I've been practicing a lot on stuff. I just want to find more ways on I can improve...
  8. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Lineless Fullbodies! (25$)

    Hey everyone! I'm currently doing lineless fullbody portraits! They're starting at 25$ each character! If you're interested, contact me! You can contact me via Twitter or Telegram. My Twitter is lucasbxb77777 My Telegram is bxb777
  9. Bxb777

    Art Trade: Looking to do some trades.

    Hey everyone! I would like to do some art trades with some of you guys! My trade rules: 1: Nothing 18+ until I turn 18 2: No humans or human like creatures That's all! Here's some examples! @Bxb777
  10. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Winter clothes themed fullbody art! (15$)

    Hey everyone! It's finally winter, and you know what that means. WARM CLOTHES TIME. For the rest of this month you can get a full body artwork of your fursona in winter clothing for 15$!!! If you're interested, pm me! Telegram or Twitter is preferred. Telegram: bxb777 Twitter: lucasbxb77777
  11. Bxb777

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Small furry YCH (5-10$)

    Hey everyone! I'm currently doing a small furry on top on someone's head YCH! If you only want one character to be in the YCH, it costs 5$ If you want both characters to be in the YCH, it costs 10$ You can either send me a message here, or contact me on telegram (prefered) my telegram...
  12. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open again! 5-20$ full bodies and Telegram stickers!

    Hello everyone! After a long break from doing commissions, I'm finally open again!♡♡♡ I'm currently open to do regular art pieces and telegram stickers! Here are my prices and prices sheet. Also, I can do anything except extreme fetish and nsfw! For a regular art piece I can $15 flat full $20...
  13. Bxb777

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Playboy Bunny YCH (20$)

    UPDATED AND REDUCED PRICE. Hey guys! I'm currently doing a Playboy bunny YCH! They cost 20$ each! They can be any species and any gender! I'm only accepting PayPal. If you're interested, send me a message on here or my other social medias. Twitter: Lucasbxb77777 Telegram: bxb777 Also...
  14. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Lineless portrait commissions! 8$-12$

    Hey guys! So recently I have been doing a lot of lineless portraits of characters. I love making them and I have decided to make them a commission! 7$ for a headshot! 9$ for a bust! 11$ for a full body My main method in communication is through telegram or Twitter, but talking about...
  15. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Telegram stickers and more! Starting at 5$!

    Why hello there! I'm currently up to doing commissions! I mostly specialize in making stickers on telegram, but I also do regular digital art, and even pixel art animations! Telegram stickers These are the prices for telegram stickers! 3 Stickers: 9.50$ (USD) 5 Stickers: 15$ (USD) 10...
  16. Bxb777

    Can someone draw my fursona?

    Hello! I'm very bad at drawing. When I Made my fursona, I had to use a template because it looked so bad. Can someone redraw it for me please. thanks. Ps: If you're scared to include the jojo and lucky paw is ok, but if you're fine from including that, it is appreciated you do. Also if you're...