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  1. Toby_Morpheus

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Less than 24 hours to go before release! I wanted to make a thread for people to discuss their gameplay. So one day before the launch, I wanted to ask: Which life path are you trying first and why? I'm going nomad since when I play an RPG, I try to make a character close to myself, and the...
  2. Toby_Morpheus

    Pool Toys & Inflatables

    I went to Furality 2000 last weekend, a virtual convention held entirely in VR Chat, and noticed something I've never noticed: there were a decent amount of pool toy sonas people had. So I'm curious. Are there any enthusiasts active here in the forum? What's the draw? How large is the pool toy...
  3. Toby_Morpheus

    Forum Site rules update timeline

    Starting from inception, is there a way to see when rules were added or changed? Thank you.
  4. Toby_Morpheus

    Covid Part 3: The Sterilizing

    This thread is made to be a place where people can vent about the virus. Though no "nonsensical memes" are allowed, per admin ruling. Let's make this thread like any good third part of any movie series that has a tagline.
  5. Toby_Morpheus

    There's SO MUCH Pokemon rule 34, but why?

    A new video by Lockstin & Gnoggin came out a half hour ago. Let's have a discussion.
  6. Toby_Morpheus

    Stan Lee Reported Dead At 95

    www.hollywoodreporter.com: Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95
  7. Toby_Morpheus

    It's been a while

    Hello, everyone. Haven't been here in quite some time. How've you all been doing?
  8. Toby_Morpheus

    Back after some time away... what's new?

    Well, besides the spam threads. Those aren't new.
  9. Toby_Morpheus

    Bug/Site Problem: (Please see reply restrictions that apply here.)

    I know there is already a thread about it, but alas, I cannot respond. @SSJ3Mewtwo claimed it may have something to do with adblocking software, however I've recently verified this is not the case. I've used multiple browsers with blocking software enabled, disabled, and other browsers with no...
  10. Toby_Morpheus

    Share Your Desktops

    Just recently rediscovered Rainmeter, so I decided to mess around. This is what I came up with...
  11. Toby_Morpheus

    Long time listener, first time caller

    I've been a fan of the show for a long time, since my boyfriend showed it to me back in high school. He was an Arcanine and I was... confused. The artists were great, however; Wish I could remember who they were. After learning about the fandom, it grew on me slowly. I started... noticing...